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WWE News: Potential Replacement of Daniel Bryan for Smackdown GM Post

/ 10 April 2018

Smackdown GM, Daniel Bryan was cleared to come back to in-ring actions at Wrestlemania 34. It was before the biggest event of the year when the WWE doctors finally let him enter the ring, once

Jeff Jarrett appeared in a WWE arena after 19 Years

/ 04 April 2018
Jeff Jarrett

The star-galore for Wrestlemania might have just picked up with Jeff Jarrett returning, last night. It was after 19 years that the former WWE employee returned home in a WWE arena. The company acknowledged this

Rumour: Former TNA Impact Wrestling head announced for WWE Hall Of Fame

/ 20 February 2018
wwe, hall of fame, jeff jarrett

Jeff Jarret has been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. Photo Credit: WWE.

WWE Hall of Fame can be considered as the one event where superstars from different companies are allowed in the WWE in order to let them have the biggest honour for the contributions in the

WWE News: The Legal Conflict Between Impact And Hardy Boyz Continues

/ 29 June 2017

Ever since the Hardy Boyz left the Impact Wrestling promotion, a legal war is ongoing between them. The matter is with the ‘broken’ gimmick of the Hardyz. Impact Wrestling is claiming that the rights of

WWE/TNA News: Impact Wrestling To Tape Two Shows In Mumbai

/ 25 May 2017

Impact Wrestling is known as the second largest wrestling promotion in the United States following WWE. It was the brainchild of former WWE superstar Jeff Jarrett. He parted ways with the company in the beginning

AJ Styles And Jeff Jarrett Shoot On Dixie Carter

/ 21 February 2017

WWE Superstar and Former TNA World Heavyweight champion AJ Styles recently appeared on Wizard World comic con in Portland where he attended a Q & A session and was asked about Dixie Carter. Styles had