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WWE News: Mike Bennett And Maria Kanellis To Return On Smackdown, Next Week

/ 17 June 2017

Several reports were done before regarding former WWE Diva, Maria Kanellis and her husband, The Miracle Mike Bennett returning to the WWE, sooner. According to those, both of them have signed a contract with the

WWE News: Potential Date Of Maria Kanellis And Mike Bennett Joining WWE

/ 26 May 2017

The earlier reports have already stated that both Maria Kanellis and her husband, Mike Bennett have been waiting to join the main roster of the WWE, sooner. It might be held back for Maria completing

WWE News: Maria Kanellis Completes Her Graduation, Likely To Join WWE

/ 11 May 2017

It looks like something was holding Maria Kanellis back from returning to the WWE. Going by the speculation, the reason might have been her schooling process. Earlier this year, the former WWE and TNA superstar

WWE News: Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett To Join Smackdown

/ 22 April 2017

The news has been broken earlier this week that the former WWE diva Maria Kanellis and her real life husband will join WWE shortly. It is also said that they were approached by Impact Wrestling

WWE News: Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis Are On Verge To Sign A Deal With The Company

/ 18 April 2017

It was reported earlier, that Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett have left their former employer, The Impact Wrestling promotion in March. They followed a string of superstars who could not come to an agreement with

WWE News: Maria Kanellis And Mike Bennett Joining WWE, Soon

/ 27 March 2017

Ever since Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett decided to quit the Impact Wrestling promotion, there have been numerous speculations about what would be the next stop for them. Various rumours suggested that the couple is

WWE Rumors: Maria Kanellis Returning To WWE Before Wrestlemania

/ 10 March 2017

We are in the middle of the Wrestlemania season in the WWE. This is one of those times of the year when the rumor mill literally goes wild with a plenty of speculations. Some of

WWE News: Former Diva Maria Kanellis To Quit Wrestling Soon

/ 05 November 2016

WWE fans must be aware of the Diva named Maria who used to be a huge attraction during the Ruthless Aggression era. She made quite a name for herself by indulging herself into a number