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The proposal to have a World Cup of Tennis has been put on hold for next year. The International Tennis Federation confirmed that World Cup of Tennis will be held but not in the near future.

David Haggerty, ITF President, said: “Taking another year to build consensus around the World Cup of Tennis Finals will allow us to finalise an even stronger recommendation to the AGM”.

This is to make the game of Tennis more popularised among other sports.

This is to make the game of Tennis more popularised among other sports.

The member nations will have to decide on reducing the men’s matches to best of three sets and also skipping the final match of the series if it is already decided. These are some other proposals which will be put forward to the member nations on August 4th, in Ho Chi Minh City.

Previously, there was no concept of a World Cup of Tennis. Davis Cup, which is an international team event in men’s tennis recognised by ITF was considered to be the World Cup and the team winning was considered World Champions in Tennis. The current champions are Argentina, who beat Croatia in 2016.  The equivalent of the Davis Cup is the Fed Cup, which is for the women. The Czech Republic came out as winners in 2016 beating France in the final. A combination of Davis Cup and the Fed Cup will lead to a World Cup of Tennis said the ITF. This also raises the profile of the two major tennis tournaments which are sidelined because of Grand Slams.  However, this proposal would not go for a vote in the upcoming August 4th meeting, confirmed ITF.

In the previous year, ITF had said that they are planning to conduct a World Cup of Tennis in November 2018 in Switzerland. However, this has been put on hold as the ITF wants to sell this idea in a more efficient manner to the member nations.

“This decision shows that we do not act unilaterally,” Haggerty said, “and are working with all our stakeholders to find the best solution for tennis.”

World Cup of Tennis Task Force is made for the same. Board members Katrina Adams and Bernard Giudicelli have been appointed as Board Chairs.

“The World Cup of Tennis Finals will unlock considerable new revenue for investing back into the sport through the ITF’s member nations,” Haggerty said. “Investment in the development of the next generation remains the priority of the ITF and its national associations.”

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