The last time Roger Federer won a Grand Slam title was in Wimbledon 2012. Yes, you read it right. It was in 2012. It has been a cold and bitter two and a half years since, for the Swiss.

Roger Federer, considered as one of the game’s greatest, even ‘THE GREATEST’ by some, is nearing the end of his glorious career. Now, 33 and father of a couple of twins(4 kids), he has got a lot to take care of.

Though Federer still tops the chart for the most Grand Slam Singles titles(17), the question is, can he win one more?

I would have been a popular meme in facebook if I had asked this same exact question in 2010 or 2011. But, thank my stars, I am saved. How quick can things change in 3 or 4 years? This is how quick. From being considered ‘immortal’ to being questioned of his standards, Federer is in a territory he has never been in before.

A star turned ‘Supernova’ is in its final phase of brigtness now. Whether the modern-day legend, towards his career end, would win another slam and turn into a white dwarf or fail in the final hurdle and become a black hole, remains to be seen.

A man who ripped opponents apart during his Career’s peak(2003-2009) has now turned into a ‘gentle giant’.

It is not that Federer has lost his magic touch, it is just that he has his hands into a lot of things. First, he is 33 years old which is well above the average sporting age. Second, he is married. Third, he has kids. Fourth, he has 4 of them.

Now, Federer losing to opponents outside the Top 10 is not a shocking news at all. There was a time when the 17-time Grand Slam Champion could not be challenged by anyone other than Nadal. A loss to some little known player would send shock waves around the tennis community. The news that David Nalbandian made when he beat Federer in five sets at the Shanghai Cup Final in 2006 is a reminder how the Swiss star was once, an ‘immovable rock’.

When the end looked imminent in 2014 with the drop in rankings to a 12-year low to No.8 in the world, he turned the tables on the nay-sayers reaching Wimbledon 2014 final before losing to Djokovic in an epic five-setter. He also reached the final of the year-end ATP Finals before pulling out quoting sickness. There was also a first Davis Cup win for Switzerland in which he played an important role with countryman, Stanislas Wawrinka. He recently had his 1000th career win as he lifted the Brisbane ATP event, beating Milos Raonic in the final.

But a major stumble at the Australian Open 2015 against a lower ranked opponent has raised questions over Federer’s credibility in winning a 18th Grand Slam. He has forever been a fortune swinger and when people had put him down and out, he has comeback to give some memorable moments.

This time however, he has a lot of odds against him. With all odds stacked up, can he still turn things around one more time and go the distance? Can he clear that one final hurdle that stands between him and the championship? Can he overcome his nemesis’ Nadal and Djokovic and emerge a winner again(atleast for once)?

The answer is yes(probably). Federer can, atleast win one Grand Slam more. A fighter he is, Federer is emotional about this sport and wants to win bad. He said in an interview to Andy Roddick that he hates losing and wants to win all the time. He also mentioned that he is a hard worker and sweats off at the court every single day. Combine this hard work with his flair for tennis and there is a dynamic package that can oust any opponent on a given day.

It can be Federer’s time anytime in the near future. The awe he creates when he plays and the magical touch with which he turns around the ball…awww….how can anyone miss that?

And finally, who wouldn’t want to see a smiling, calm Roger lift a Grand Slam again? Seriously, who wouldn’t?


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