I want to win more grand slams than Rafael Nadal and Pete Sampras: Novak Djokovic

Praveen / 16 September 2015

After reigning supreme in New York, Novak Djokovic has increased his grand slam tally to 10 and just one slam away from equalling Rod Laver’s and Bjorn Borg’s tally of 11 slams. In all likelihood, it’s safe enough to say that Djokovic will easily go past these legends next year. But the Serb’s ultimate target at the moment is to go past the grand slam tally of Pete Sampras and Rafael Nadal while Roger’s 17 slams is far away from his sights at the moment.

I”d be lying if I said that I am not aiming to match or exceed some guys like Pete or Nadal, but Nadal is still playing and, of course, he has the chance to increase his number. I want to move forward and I hope to live long on the court, because if I keep doing what I”m doing, I have a good chance to win a few more.”

Had he not lost the Roland Garros final to Stan Wawrinka this year, Djokovic would have completed the grand slam: “I feel that everything happens for a reason. If I had won that match, God knows if I would have won Wimbledon. Maybe I would be satisfied.”

Serena Williams was only two victories from achieving the grand slam. “There was immense pressure on her, and it was felt in her semi-final match. But this shows that she is human and that it could happen to her too, one of the most dominant athletes in sports history.”

Novak thought about how it would be hard to fight with this pressure: “I hope we will have a different discussion next year, before the US Open, with three majors in the pocket. But you have to be humble. You have to take a step at a time.”

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