Toni Nadal, the uncle and coach of Rafael Nadal has played a huge role in Nadal’s career and showed the path to success and greatness. Nadal has won 14 grand slam titles and 9 French Open under the guidance of Toni Nadal. However, 2015 has been a disastrous year for the Spaniard with 12 loses so far and hasn’t reached the semi-final of the three grand slams so far.

However, many speculation arose that the Spaniard has to change his coach to find success further in his professional tennis career. But, the Spaniard neglected statements like those and said “family is more important than tennis and the fault is all mine and the coach has been very supportive”. American tennis legend John Mcenroe said that its high time Nadal changes his coach to reap success once again as he needs to add new elements to his game.



Speaking to Mallorca Esports, Toni revealed his point of view on the actual crisis of Nadal. “The words of John McEnroe do not hurt me. If time has come for Rafael to chance his coach, it will be Rafael himself to take the decision. I always had a good relationship with McEnroe. If Rafa thinks a change of coach could be good for him, he will then do it” said Toni.

Rather than a problem with his team, Toni tried to analyze what the real problem with Nadal’s game could really be at the moment. “I believe the sport of tennis has evolved and we must cope with these developments. The sensation right now is that a coach could really do not too much to help. In no other sport players start on a penalty kick. The person returning resembles a goal keeper now and has the same position. I think there should be found a solution so that the qualities are more important than just power. Federer and Dimitrov take advantage from their serve and I do understand that and am fine with it. But it is better if we are the one with the advantage”

“I don’t feel responsible for Rafa’s results. I am not responsible for his victories, and I am not responsible for his losses. We have a style of play that has to adapt to the new conditions, but we will not start playing like David Ferrer or Andy Murray continued Toni. “I don’t think Rafael is tired. I rather think that he can still come back to the top of his level. We want to be competitive in the most important tournaments. We will start practicing again on Tuesday. Our goal is to close the year in the top 8 of the rankings to participate in the ATP finals in London” concluded Toni Nadal.



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