Singapore Slammers just got out from a hint of defeat to beat the Micromax Indian Aces by 24-23 in respect of games after the 5 sets. After the 4th set , the tally of the games won by two teams were 17-18. In the fifth set of men’s singles, played by Gael Monfils and Rohan Boppana for the Aces and Lleyton Hewitt and Nick Krygios for the Slammers, the set was 5-all forcing it to go to Shoot out.

In the shoot out, Slammers won therby winning the set 6-5 but as they were equal in terms of games won (23-all), the match had to go to Super Shoot out, where men’s singles Tomas Berdych and Gael Monfils were to play. In a 7 minut eof intense Tennis action, Tomas Berdych took the victory in the Super Shoot out classing the oppoenent Monfils by 10-6 thereby winning the match by 24-23. 

The Indian Aces lost their first match of the tournament, and it really had to go this far to beat them. 

Serena Williams started the winning momentum for the Slammers as she beat Ana Ivanovic by 6-4. However, the Aces took by control in the mixed doubles as Rohan Boppana and Sania Mirza beat Serena Williams and Bruno Soares by 6-3. Tomas Berdych outclassed Gael Monfils beating him 6-2 and making way for a comfotable Slammers victory. But Fabrice Santoro, the coach and the player for legend singles matches beat Andre Agassi by 6-2, leading the games 18-17 to go to the final set which was won by 6-5 tallying the games won, and then super shoot out which decided the winner.

    Archit Athani Writer

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