Top five Tennis players who has the best defence

Praveen / 17 July 2015

Tennis, the game which tests you physically as well as mentally has evolved leaps and bounds over the years with players being supremely athletic and agile. Players who are at the top has a game moulded with aggressive play as well as their crucial defence. Defence plays a huge part in one’s game which helps the players to recover from impossible situations in the game.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 tennis players who has the best defence in the game :

5. David Ferrer:

David Ferrer, the silky haired supremely fit Spaniard will go down as one of the top 10 players who failed to win a grand slam. David Ferrer is regarded as one of the greatest fighters the game has seen and has found success against the top 4 players in his career. However, his major success came against in his dominant surface clay. David Ferrer’s game is moulded with his ground strokes and his strong defence. His foot speed is quite staggering as he chases down balls comfortably every time. Major part of his game depends on his defence and regarded as one of the best defenders.

4. Roger Federer:

Roger Federer, who has an effortless game is not known to chase down balls comfortably but he has the knack of anticipating the right way and has an easy stretch to put the ball back onto play. The Swiss, when he was in the prime is known to dominate every players with his effortless game finishing of the points quickly and still he follows the same pattern. However, he managed to develop a decent defence later on. The money shot for Roger Federer’s defence is his magical tweener which he hits between his legs. Federer doesn’t have the best defence in the game but his anticipation skills in the game makes his place in the list.

3. Andy Murray:

Andy Murray, in the past few years has developed in stature and has been quite consistent performer. Andy Murray has a strong baseline play added to his strong defence to hunt balls on consistent basis and his foot speed is a big plus in his game. He chases down drop shots and makes winners 9 out of 10 times which speaks volumes of his strong defence. 2013 Wimbledon finals is the best example where he chased down every balls giving no chance to the Serbian Novak Djokovic and made history.

2. Novak Djokovic:

Novak Djokovic is a complete tennis player; one could say as he is strong from both the wings and has a supreme flexibility. The reason the Serbian has been ranked no 1 in the world is due to his water tight defence which makes him to dictate play. Djokovic has a wide stretch and slides more often on any court to put balls back on the court. He even mastered the art of sliding in a grass court which is almost difficult to do. All he can do is thanking the gluten free diet which managed him to get his game back.

1. Rafael Nadal:

Rafael Nadal is a strong athlete and has always shown what power does in the game of tennis. Nadal, had a strong defence right from the start of his career which makes the Spaniard special as he didn’t do anything special to develop his defence. Defence was integral part of his game style and he has an extremely fast foot speed which makes him to chase balls quite easily. Nadal has an immaculate footwork even while he is defending. Nadal has a much physical game compared to others and depends highly on his defence and makes some stunning returns which to others is impossible to immulate, but for the Spaniard it’s just a cup of tea.

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