Piers Morgan, a British journalist and television personality, once again trolled India on twitter. Previously, Morgan shared his opinion on team India’s run in Rio saying, “Country with 1.2 billion people wildly celebrates 2 losing medals. How embarrassing is that?”

Now, he wrote on Paralympics, where India has won one Gold and trolled Mariyappan Thangavelu’s success at Rio Paralympics.

India’s Mariyappan Thangavelu created history by winning a gold medal in the men’s high jump T-42 event at the Rio Paralympics. His compatriot Varun Singh Bhati clinched the bronze medal the same event.

After this success at Rio, Piers Morgan wrote on twitter, “Congrats Mariyappan Thangavelu on winning #Paralympics Gold for India.” And next line he wrote again, “Clearly read my motivational tweets.”

After Morgan’s tweet, Sehwag, who remains active on the social media, didn’t let Morgan’s tweet go unnoticed. He replied him in his style. He wrote, “@piersmorgan Yes, Read and Worked On It !! Thanks for ur ‘motivational’ tweets, but we will not let you win World Cup.Sorry #Paralympics.”


After criticising India’s Olympics performance, Suhel Seth and Chetan Bhagat responded to his tweet rather condescending tweet. It’s amusing how he is picking on most of his trolls by replying to them in the same patronising tone. “What is even more embarrassing are your snivelling interviews as if you had a diaper in your mouth. Sad,” said Seth, to which, Morgan responded, “At least you’ll never have to worry about being one of my interviewees, Suhel. I only interview famous people.”

    Sudipta Biswas is a 27 year old cricket fan.He started watching the game when Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid made their debut. Once had a dream of playing for the nation, now aspires to be a sports journo ! You can contact him @sudipta88dip on Twitter.

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