Bryan Alvarez of was told that whoever in WWE listened to the art of recent podcast with Colt Cabana ‘thought it was awesome.’
Alvarez said, “Now if you know CM Punk, CM Punk is a guy who has his lovers-maybe that’s the wrong word-he has his fans, and he has his detractors. There’s a group of people in WWE who are big fans of CM Punk, and there are people in WWE who just can’t stand the guy. When he left, I heard from people that were like, ‘Thank God this guy has left! He drove us crazy. He was so angry.’ When he did his podcast with Colt Cabana, he admitted that at the end, he was actually sorry for how many times he told people to f–k off. When it happened, I had been told from people that he was so miserable, he was such as a crabby individual, they were glad he was finally gone out of the locker room because they couldn’t handle him anymore. Now with that said, the impression that I got was, even people who did not like CM Punk, even people who really thought he was a miserable guy and were not CM Punk’s fans in the slightest, they were fans of a lot of the stuff that he talked about in the podcast.”

He continued, “It is true, there are a lot of guys in the company who are afraid to speak out, they’re afraid to say anything, they’re afraid to approach management, they’re afraid to ask questions, and CM Punk got a lot of that out in the podcast. And he opened a lot of people’s eyes that didn’t know anything about what goes on internally in WWE. So there were even people that don’t like CM Punk and don’t want him back in the company, who are happy that he did this podcast and said everything that he said.”

Before WrestleMania 30 Vince McMahon told CM Punk that Punk would be wrestling Triple H at the event, Punk said; ‘All due respect, I do not need to wrestle you, you need to wrestle me. I do not want to wrestle you. I seriously resent you for not putting me over three years ago when you should have. That would have been best for business but you had to f–king come in and squash it. And then I had to lose to f–king Truth and Miz. It didn’t make any business sense then, it doesn’t make any business sense now, and I am in a position now where I can tell you that I don’t have to nor do I want to wrestle you at WrestleMania. I don’t care if I was supposed to win.'”

Punk added, “Which I was. I didn’t care. I didn’t want to give him the f–king privilege. I said a lot of s–t in there. I told them again and Hunter, he was gritting his teeth and I knew… he never liked me. It’s one of those situations where you always hear those stories in the dirt sheets about ‘Hunter says this about Punk’ and all this negative stuff but me and him in a room together? Never any good vibes. Always negative, the way he would always look sideways at me, the way he always treated me.”
Alvarez said that he got a text message from someone from WWE which says ‘Triple H wants to kill Punk.’
WWE officials are also very disappointed with Cabana who was being considered to be given a commentary role on WWE is said to be on their ‘s-tlist’ now.


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