Klopp called JOKER by a Liverpool player

Puja Pincha / 04 December 2015

Klopp is settling in at Liverpool learning Scouse and gelling with his players, so much so that Mingolet calls the boss a ‘Joker’.

Mignolet is in talks with the club about a contract extension and Klopp’s constant praise of the Belgian makes it seem like the deal is likely to come through.

Talking to the press before the Capital One cup clash against Southhampton Klopp said to the reporters “I am absolutely satisfied with our goalkeeping situation. I am sorry to kill your stories about goalkeepers. We are not looking for another goalkeeper. We have enough high-quality goalkeepers, I’ve had a lot of goalkeepers over the last few years and Simon Mignolet is one of the smartest I have ever had”

Returning the favour for the support shown by Klopp, Mignolet has called Klopp a ‘Joker’ and has said the enthusiasm of the boss lifts the entire camp and train.He laughs a lot and there is always a smile on his face.ing ground. He’s got his humour, which is bit a similar to what I’m used to from Belgium. Everyone is then happy to work in that kind of environment” Mignolet further added.

On his entire misunderstanding with Sturridge and saying that Sturridge needs to understand the difference between serious pain and only pain’ Klopp said Maybe it was my fault because of the language. I thought I said: ‘We all had to learn.’ That is it. That is what we have to do. With his injury history it is not easy. If you have 20 injuries you cannot treat it like the first. All of us are going to be influenced by the experience we have. The situation about Daniel it is not his quality, it is his history. We try to do it together, no one is alone at Melwood, we all do it together”


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