WWE universe was excited to see their favorite Dean Ambrose going toe-to-toe against the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar and that too in a No holds barred street fight which was going to be brutal. Remember the hardcore match between the hardcore legend Mick Foley and Edge at Wrestlemania 22. This was no less in the measurement of brutality. The match was all about Lesnar punishing Ambrose and how much more could Ambrose take?

But, Ambrose proved us wrong and took his own way of punishing the beast with the weapons he received from the hardcore legends in the past weeks before Wrestlemania. But that was not enough to put the beast down, of course. After all the low blows and attacks from Ambrose, Lesnar kept coming back and finished it off in style with an emphatic F-5 on the steel chairs. The memorable moments of the match is as follows: (courtesy SportsKeeda)
Lesnar delivers a belly to belly suplex to Ambrose on the floor outside.
Dean Ambrose slaps Lesnar after taking more than 8 suplexes.
Ambrose uses a fire extinguisher to create the distance between him and Lesnar.
Lesnar delivers a German Suplex followed by a devastating F5 to Ambrose on pile of steel chairs.

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