Umesh Yadav. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Umesh Yadav Pushed India on the back foot with the highly important wicket of Kusal Mendis. The young right hander along with Chandimal was the only strong hope for Sri Lanka to save the day for the hosts.

After losing Chandimal early, Umesh Yadav delivered a major blow to the hosts in the 26th over of the day.

Mendis’ failure to time a leg flick ended up being fatal to him. The good length delivery on the stumps coaxed him to play a shot despite a fielder beings stationed in the square leg region.

Here is the video of the dab celebration:

He chose the right shot but was too early in playing it. Therefore, closing the bat-face early and getting a leading edge which popped up high and over mid-on.

Skipper Virat Kohli had some work to do as he ran back, keeping his eyes on the ball and eventually grabbed the ball. to complete the dismissal.

The catch was a relief for Kohli as he had already dropped one in the last over but this time he made no mistake and ensure Sri Lanka were pushed further into misery.

What followed next was more special and amusing. Umesh Yadav once again showed his celebration style as he dabbed to acknowledge the fall of the wicket. This was the second instance where Yadav displayed his dabbing skills


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