A former World champion was rumored to back and it was the time. It was no one else but the Miz came out. The Miz said that he is back. And the fans cheered for him. He said that he was out for four months for the shooting of the Marine 4. The directors begged him to stay who said that he was better than WWE and if he stayed on the path of the movies he could become a superstar, he would be the Hollywood’s biggest movie star.

He said that the fans must be asking why he is back. He said that the answer was all of the fans. Hollywood recognized as a star but the WWE Universe took him as a fluke, they took for granted, ‘A guy who main evented WrestleMania only to stop main eventing’. He came back to tell them that they were all wrong. And he would not be living WWE until he feature another main event of WrestleMania. He wanted the fans to show him the respect and the admiration he rightfully deserved. He said that he was not going to leave until all of them on their knees begging to him not to go.

Chris Jericho’s music suddenly and the fans went absolutely crazy. It was absolutely shocking! Chris Jericho came out to the arena and the madness of the fans kept going. Jericho entered the ring and Y2J chant started.

Jericho did not say anything, he just enjoyed the reaction of the fans when the Miz gave a strong look of anger. Miz pointed his right hand to the fans in order to calm down. The Miz asked if Chris Jericho had anything to say, he wanted to know if Jericho came out in the arena to give the Miz a lifetime achievement award. Miz reminded him that it was not 2012 when he returned and did not say anything. Jericho opened his jacket. The Miz loathed his anger on Jericho to interrupt him during his promo. He said that he was a marine, movie star, a box office draw….. before he could finish, Jericho nailed the Miz with Code Breaker which delighted the fans and the Y2J chants began again.

Jericho grabbed the mic and said, ‘Damn that felt good’. He asked the fans if that felt good to them and the fans cheered loudly. He said that he was waiting say this from a long time, he said; ‘Welcome to Raw is Jericho’.

Before he could finish, the Wyatt family appeared and three men were surrounding Jericho. The fans chanted ‘This is Awesome’. Three Wyatt Family members beat down Jericho and it indicated towards a Chris Jericho – Bray Wyatt feud.


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