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Despite her short run with the WWE, AJ Lee’s influence in the professional wrestling world can be felt. There are a number of talents who openly admit that they are inspired by the former female WWE Superstar who paved the way for the so-called WWE Women’s Evolution. Back at a time when the WWE Divas division was at an all-time low, she tried to save things in her own power.

From that perspective, AJ Lee has done a lot for the industry during her heyday in WWE. Given her potential which perhaps could offer more, fans do want to see her making a comeback, down the road. That may not be happening, any time soon. She is happy to be staying away from the scene for the past seven years and she wants to keep it that way, given recent interviews.

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AJ Lee Kept Her Retirement From WWE A Secret Until The Very Last Moment 1

The former WWE Divas Champion wants to keep things hush-hush around herself and she never let anyone know about her sudden retirement until the last minute. While speaking at Starrcast V, Paige revealed that AJ Lee waited until after WrestleMania 31 to admit that she has no intentions of continuing wrestling, anymore.

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AJ Lee announced her retirement after Wrestlemania 31

Paige also proceeded to mention how she used to be the best of friends with AJ Lee at that point in her career. In fact, her best rivalry also came with that pioneer female wrestler. Being a veteran, AJ would always love to keep the kayfabe perspective intact of her on-screen persona.

“We didn’t really know it was going to be her last match. Afterward, she just told me ‘I don’t know if I’m going to continue after this’, so she didn’t let us know that, which I think is really sweet because I love AJ [Lee] and we were such good friends – we still are good friends,” Paige continued.

“I just mean that we were traveling together and we would always try to keep kayfabe. So she would be in the front seat of the car while I was driving through the arena where the fans are and she would just be ducking underneath my jacket. She was my fairy godmother.”

AJ Lee Kept Her Retirement From WWE A Secret Until The Very Last Moment 2

AJ Lee is currently associated with the WOW promotion but as an official. There’s no update about her wanting to be back in action. However, while speaking with Skewed and Reviewed Gareth Von Kallenbach, her husband CM Punk that she’s a huge fan of TBS Champion Jade Cargill. He added that Cargill and AEW Superstar Britt Baker could be the ones to bring Lee out of retirement if that ever happens, one day.

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