After facing the injury season, it looked like WWE was slowly trying to get over it, as the superstars were slowly coming back into action and with speculations running high with the returns in near future. And especially Vince McMahon giving hints to the comeback of the superstar in the month of June, we really hoped for the roster to getting injury bug free.
The chairman of the board addressed that stars like Orton, Rollins, and Wyatt all are eying a June comeback whereas Cena has already announced his comeback at the Memorial Day i.e. May 30th on Monday Night Raw. But the injury viruses are still coming to the roster as the plague.
The number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, AJ Styles has got injured as per the reports of The injury caused to get removed from three WWE live events this weekend from these places, Greenville, South Carolina on Friday, Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday and Columbia, South Carolina on Sunday.

The nature of the injury was not specified but since AJ Styles was wrestling with the minor concussions and WWE want him to heal those prior to the main event of Extreme Rules PPV. They don’t want to keep the main event of the night in jeopardy and had no choice but to keep him out of the live events of this week. The Phenomenal One was out of action on this week’s Thursday Night Smackdown for the same reason.
The WWE world heavyweight championship scenario is very well built with a strong storyline, as of now. The anticipation and the stakes are even higher since the former Bullet Club members Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson had got into the mix to make the storyline more intriguing which also makes the chance to witness Finn Balor to the mix, anytime soon. We have also seen AJ Styles was officially back together with his brethren as The Club on this week’s Raw.

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