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How to bring back the lost glory of the World Heavyweight championship

It feels really disgusted when you realize that the ultimate glory of the World Heavyweight championship is faded day by day. It feels really disgusted when you see when John Cena picking his opponent for SummerSlam, all the WWE superstars are standing outside to get picked, and the World Heavyweight champion is also standing among them. It feels disgusted when you hear Michael Cole calling John Cena 11 times WWE champion instead of 13 times WWE champion. It feels absolutely disgusted when you realize the World Heavyweight championship is edging towards its death.

Things need to be changed; the lost glory of the WWE championship must be raised back. But how is it possible? Here we are giving some solutions to fix this problem;

Bring back the Brand Extension

Since Raw has turned to a three hour show, the beautiful world of brand extension was over. Now these two shows just carry different names, but all look so same. Superstars competing in random shows, it is not cool, it must be changed. But before that, Raw must be turned back to a two hour show like it used to be in past, because WWE does not deal with that much superstars to continue two different brands with separated superstars. Extending the brands like it used to be and sending both the major championship to different shows could be the best way to improve the status of the title.

Featuring some main eventers for the title

It is needed before anything. Seeing Alberto Del Rio for a long time in the same act started to look really lame nowadays. Superstars like CM Punk, Chris Jericho, The Big Show, Kane, John Cena must feature for the World Heavyweight championship. Using the World Heavyweight title for the new superstars seriously looks awful. This role is the best for the Intercontinental championship (and the US championship) like it was used to be past.

Featuring the championship on the main events

The championship nowadays gets defended in the middle of every pay per view. They don’t even contain any good storyline either. This needs to change. The creative must write some good storylines for this division which could raise the championship back to the main events. At least they could right some decent storylines for this division. And in some case, the championship must get more privilege that the WWE championship too.

Valuing the title more

Michael Cole must stop calling John Cena an 11 times WWE champion but a 13 times World champion. Paul Heyman must stop calling the WWE championship ‘The Ultimate Pride’, it should be both titles. The World Heavyweight championship needs to get hyped a little and should be valued by personnels.

These are the possible ways we think to improve the division of the World Heavyweight championship. If you have any other views, feel free to share.

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