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WWE: New No 1 Contender For Bobby Roode’s NXT Championship Revealed! And It Is Not Drew McIntyre

This week on NXT the new no 1 contender for the NXT championship has been announced. Surprisingly, it is not the Draw McIntyre.

The show started, as the NXT champion, Bobby Roode entered the arena. He talked about Shinsuke Nakamura’s farewell last week and he also talked about how he defeated him.

Then he was interrupted by the returning NXT star Hideo Itami. He entered the ring and slapped Roode directly into the face. As attempted to attack Hideo he nailed Roode with the GTS. Clearly, Itami is challenging for the NXT title next.

The newer fans might wonder who this Hideo Itami guy is. Here is the full information of the Japanese star; Hideo Itami, who was earlier known as Kenta signed for WWE in 2014. He was given a try in the NXT and he was doing pretty cool.

However, in May 2015, he picked up a major shoulder injury which sidelined him from action for over six months. The Japanese professional wrestler returned to action a little early, and he got injured again.

On a house show of NXT in October 2015, he had a match with Riddick Moss where Moss botched a power slam on him and Hideo Itami got injured again.

Since February Itami has been teasing his return, and now he finally made his comeback. There were even speculations that Itami might make his return in the Royal Rumble match as a surprise entrant.

Itami is a great talent, a former kickboxer and a famous professional wrestler was doing a decent job in the NXT before he got sidelined from action by back to back injuries.

He had an excellent record of achievements in wrestling with being ranked #22 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in PWI 500. He also had a bag full of achievements.

We are hoping to see the best of the man in future, and we are seriously hoping not to see him getting injured again.