The show started as Triple H entered the arena. The fans booed him thoroughly. Michael Cole reminded that Triple H would make a major announcement regarding John Cena’s opponent for Summerslam.

Triple H started things off by saying that it was funny when he was walking backstage no one wanted to look at his eyes. Everyone was scared that the WWE World Heavyweight championship did not come back to the authority, it stayed back to John Cena.

He gave a mocking tone of his anger that John Cena was still the champion. Or he could fire everyone out. He could fire all the fans, he might throw everyone out of the building. He lend all his problems. Or, he could just relax. He could relax my knowing the fact that sooner or later, he always won. And if he had to wait four more weeks to win till Summerslam, let it be. And at Summerslam, he could guaranty that John Cena would no longer be the WWE World Heavyweight champion.

Before Triple H could reveal the name Randy Orton’s music hit. Randy Orton came out and instantly started. He addressed Triple H by ‘H’ and said were they really doing this? He wanted to know what about his rematch, he had been waiting for months, ever since WrestleMania, he was never given a one on one rematch. He knew it, all of the fans knew it, it was damn true. If Triple H wanted to talk about guaranties, he guaranteed that he would beat John Cena at Summerslam for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Triple H said that he could appreciate that confidence of Randy Orton. He said that he was the front runner for the no 1 contender, but he had not made up his mind yet about who was going to get that chance. He would everybody an opportunity to convince him, the entire roster would have the opportunity to convince him. He said that he wanted somebody to impress him, he wanted somebody to go extra miles for him, he wanted them to show him that they wanted it more than anything in this world.

Randy Orton said if Kane would have done his duty last night properly, if Kane would have done his job at Battleground, Randy Orton would have been standing in that ring as the WWE World Heavyweight champion. He said that surely Triple H was not considering Kane as the no 1 contender.

Kane’s pyro and music hit and Kane came out. Kane entered the ring and said that he hoped that he was being considered to face John Cena because he knew he could beat John Cena, he knew that he could bring the title back to the authority, so long he was not acting as Randy Orton’s protector, he was tired of babysitting.

Roman Reigns’ music hit now. Reigns started by saying if Triple H was considering a name for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, he thought his was in it. Because last time he saw nobody wanted to see John Cena vs. Kane, neither anybody wanted to see Randy Orton vs. John Cena again. It sounded to him like everybody wanted to see John Cena vs. Roman Reigns.

He entered the ring and he wanted Triple H to believe that. As soon as he said that he knocked Kane down with the Superman punch. As he turned his face to Randy Orton, he saw Randy Orton was slowly escaping the ring. Reigns did not try to stop him.

Triple H had also left the ring. He said that he would like to say what he believed. He believed that Roman Reigns was going to have a match next. He believed that Roman Reigns was going to face Kane and Randy Orton in a handicap match. He believed that match was next. The fans were really excited to hear the announcement. So as Kane and Randy Orton.

Match 1 – Roman Reigns defeated Kane and Randy Orton in a Handicap match. Randy Orton left the match during it. He declined to take tag from Kane and as a result, Reigns took the advantage with a Spear and pinned Kane.

Backstage Stephanie McMahon met Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Cameron and Eva Marie. She wanted them to humiliate Nikki Bella. The divas seemed really happy to hear that.

Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Cameron and Eva Marie came out for the next contest of the night. Nikki Bella came out next. Brie Bella was in the audience. Before the start of the match, Stephanie McMahon came out. She pointed to Brie Bella by saying there was the quitter. She said that she felt sorry to see Brie as just another face in the crowd than being a top diva. And she was in this position because she abandoned her sister for her husband Daniel Bryan. She was happy to be out there to see her sister Nikki getting demolished by four other divas and that was all because of Brie. As Stephanie was about to leave, Brie used a slang on her. By hearing slang, she wanted the security to escort Brie from the crowd. Brie showed her ticket. Stephanie ordered her to take her sit. Brie took the mic away from her hand slanged her again. Stephanie slapped her this time. Brie attempted to jump on Stephanie but she was blocked by a security. The security took her away. Stephanie McMahon ordered to ring the bell in order to start the match.

Match 2 –  Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Cameron and Eva Marie defeated Nikki Bella in a four on one handicap match. Alicia Fox pinned Nikki with the Scissors kick.

After the match, Stephanie went closer to Nikki and said that she was so sorry about it because that was Brie’s fault. And sooner or later, she was going to do exactly what her sister did.

Match 3 – Bo Dallas defeated Damien Sandow. Sandow came in the attire of Lebron James. Bo Dallas pinned Damien Sandow with the Bo Dog.

Bray Wyatt was scheduled to be the guest of Chris Jericho’s Highlight reel. But he was attacked and assaulted by the Wyatt family and he could not feature in his own talk show. The ring was decorated in the manner of the Highlight reel. The Wyatt Family came out to the arena and entered the ring. Bray welcomed everyone to the highlight reel. He said that unfortunately, the scheduled host of the show Chris Jericho could not feature because he was a bit indisposed. But where would Chris Jericho be? He said he wonder, he laughed and pointed to the giant screen.

Chris Jericho was being interviewed in his locker room when he was interrupted by the three members of the Wyatt Family. They attacked and assaulted him. Bray Wyatt ended things up by hitting Jericho the Sister Abigail finishing maneuver on the locker.

Wyatt asked the fans where Chris Jericho was, where was their savior. He said that he was not their savior but he was. He was still there since day one just like every day he had been. He said he knew where everybody was thinking. He could read their thoughts. Just because Chris Jericho got his arm raised last night after their match, he asked if they believed he was the better man than Wyatt. He said that a loss in a battle meant nothing to him because the war was what counts. Bray said war was his game, he created war. He said that it was not been so long that the Wyatt family entered WWE for the first time, they had dismantled gianted, they had destroyed monsters, and most importantly, he took their so called heroes to their knees, and he wanted to ask Jericho what he thought about him whom he was dealing with.

He said that he was Bray Wyatt, he was more monstrous than they all thought he was. Jericho could not measure him like he measured a normal man. He could not measure him with anything because he put every single thing of his measurements in his pockets. He said that she was told by the sister Abigail when he was about to take her revenge, he should be careful, he should dig two graves, one for his enemy and one for himself.

But what was unfortunate for Chris Jericho was he was forever. He sat on his knees and looked upwards.

Jericho was seen at the locker room where the medical stuffs and R Truth was seeing Jericho alright. Jericho’s ear was bleeding.

Match 3 – Dolph Ziggler defeated WWE Intercontinental champion The Miz in a non title. Amazing match, undoubtedly, the best match of the night. Ziggler reversed Miz’s skull crushing finale into the Zig Zag and pinned him.

Backstage Triple H and Seth Rollins was in a conversation. Rollins expressed his frustration about whenever he was about to cash in his contract Dean Ambrose came out to screw him up. He said that he was not going to stop until they stop him, they got to shut him down permanently. Cesaro interrupted them. Cesaro wanted to face John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Summerslam. He said that he could get the job done. He revealed that he was no longer a Paul Heyman guy. From now on, he would be Triple H’s guy. Rollins said that he already had a guy. Triple H said that in order of that, he had to impress him, so he wanted him to beat Dean Ambrose on that night in a one on one match. Cesaro wanted him to consider it done.

Match 4 – Paige and WWE Divas champion AJ Lee defeated Natalya and Emma by submission. AJ Lee made Natalya submit with the Black Widow submission maneuver. After a little bit celebration, Paige attacked AJ Lee and assaulted AJ badly. (It was a tremendous assault, such vicious assaults are not so common in Diva feuds. This feud is seriously turning out to be awesome.)

Match 5 – Zack Ryder defeated Fandango. Summer Rae and Layla again cost Fandango his match.

Stephanie McMahon welcomed the guest star of the night Flo Rida. Flo Rida performed with his team next.

After the performance, Stephanie McMahon was seen near the ring with two policemen. They came out to arrest her. They handcuffed her and took her away. The fans were really delighted to see it. Actually, she slapped Brie Bella who was in the crowd. Brie took legal actions against her.

Backstage Triple H tried to convince the officers. But they did not listen and they took her away. Triple h asked Stephanie to relax, he told that he would take her out of the jail in five minutes. He would be right behind him.

At the locker room, Joey Mercury asked Triple H to announce John Cena’s opponent for Summerslam. Triple H said that family was first, he needed to take her wife out of the jail first.

Match 6 – Ryback and Curtis Axel defeated Kofi Kingston and Big E. Ryback pinned Kofi Kingston for the win. After the match, Xavier Woods told Big E and Kofi that he could not win things like this. Now, it would be their time, it would their place, it was up to them to find focus and order. They would now be together, they would not be asking for anything any longer. Now, they would take.

Match 7 – Rusev defeated The Great Khali by submission.

Match 8 – Cesaro defeated Dean Ambrose by disqualification. The match was going good, but Ambrose attacked Cesaro with the steel chair so the referee had to call out for the bell.

Backstage Renee Young asked Triple H about Stephanie’s condition. Triple H said that he was going to announce John Cena’s opponent for Summerslam. Renee Young asked should not he be with his right now. Triple H did not answer, just stared at her for a while and left.

Triple H was inside the ring. Triple H said to the audience he wanted to announce the opponent of Cena and the challenger for his WWE World Heavyweight championship at Summerslam. Randy Orton came out. The fans did not seem really pleased to see Randy Orton as the no 1 contender.

As he was making his way to the ring, Roman Reigns attacked him from behind. They started a massive fight between each other. Roman Reigns took Orton to the crowd and took him out of the arena.

Triple H remained calm and quiet inside the ring. The fans chanted ‘We Want Lesnar’. Paul Heyman came out and the fans were really happy to see him. Paul Heyman said to Triple H how much respect he had for him but he had to be honest. He said that plan A was certainly working with Randy Orton when Roman Reigns was around him all the time. Either plan B was working. Seth Rollins was great but every time Seth Rollins would be trying to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, Dean Ambrose would be stopping him every single time, which was why he thought the authority had to take the uncomfortable decision to take and they got to agree with him that they need to make the dangerous choice of implementing plan C. Paul Heyman pointed to the entrance point.

The music of Brock Lesnar and the fans went absolutely crazy to hear it. Brock Lesnar came out (yep, all the rumors are coming out to be true). Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman headed towards the ring.

As they entered the ring, Triple H discussed something with Heyman, he shook his hand with Brock Lesnar and left the arena. Heyman introduced himself and Lesnar.

He said that Lesnar conquered Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania, and now he would conquer John Cena at Summerslam to take the WWE World Heavyweight championship away from him.

Heyman talked about the contrary fans, one of those parts chanted ‘Let’s go Cena’ and the other chanted ‘Cena Sucks’. He said that his client did not care which of these two parts they would take because Cena was going to get a beating of a life time.

He showed the footage on the big creen how Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX. The reactions of the fans were also shown in that footage.

He said that the same beating was waiting for him. Lesnar would not say anything like a stereotypical villain like Cena could surrender his title and avoid the beating, because he wanted to beat down, Cena could not escape this beating. He explained how tough Lesnar would be on Cena Summerslam. Only after give Cena a horrible beating Lenar would take the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Lesnar and Heyamn stood still inside the ring and the show went off air.

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