Shocking Video: WWE Superstars got lasers in hand creating devastating explosions

Arindam Paul / 19 December 2015

There are moments in WWE and man do they are explosive enough when these Superstars got lasers in hand? has just published this exciting video of the moments when superstars got laser rays in hand to make an explosion around the ring which comes out as a shocker.

Pyro goes around the ring or in the backstage creating a massive explosion and making the moment a spectacular one. We sure do enjoy each of that moment and WWE has made it, even more, attractive by giving lasers in the superstars’ hand.

Remember the epic moment where Vince McMahon got into his limousine car and the car got exploded. Now imagine the scene if a laser is coming above the car to create the explosion. This is the most exciting part of the video where it’s looking like lasers are coming really as to create the explosion.

Watch Batista’s Royal Rumble win and laser going from his hand to create an explosion from the Wrestlemania sign hanging from the roof.

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