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Stephanie McMahon used to play the role of a bonafide heel on WWE television. Her natural act of being an obnoxious person, garnered boos from the audience, just like that. She must have genetically received such genius character-playing methods from her father while also adopting them in her own way.

Some fans also tend to boo Stephanie McMahon for reasons that have no connection with her television character. But at least they do care to make some noise whenever and wherever she shows up. This is something that a WWE Superstar is meant to do and The Boss Lady had just excelled in this aspect of her character.

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Stephanie McMahon Reveals A Storyline That Boosted WWE Audience In 2022 1

Nowadays, her father is no more in charge of the WWE which literally makes her The Boss Lady in the WWE. Being the CEO of the company, she does have a lot of responsibilities while operating things with the other co-WWE CEO and the Head of the Creative Team, Triple H.

While appearing at the Wells Fargo 2022 TMT Summit, The Billion Dollar Princess of the WWE noted a particular program on WWE TV that boosted WWE viewership back in October of this year.

Stephanie McMahon took a different approach for Bray Wyatt’s WWE return

After weeks of build-ups on TV and social media, Bray Wyatt finally returned to WWE at Extreme Rules 2022 in October. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H took the decision of channeling “White Rabbit” teases to captivate the fans. The impact was so good that Wyatt’s return caused a 20% increase in viewership around 9:23 p.m. during the post-Extreme Rules episode.

“We were bringing back one of our biggest stars named Bray Wyatt. We used a multimedia approach and hired a horror writer to come in and really help us craft this narrative, so our fans were engaged. It’s strategies like that that really do work,” Stephanie McMahon continued.

“The audience today is different. They’re growing; they’re evolving. Some people want to have a laid-back experience, and that’s great, but a lot of people really want to engage deeply, and have fun, and have misleads and misdirections,” she mentioned. (quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

Stephanie McMahon Reveals A Storyline That Boosted WWE Audience In 2022 2

Previously, Dave Meltzer reported that the White Rabbit teasers prior to Extreme Rules made the Premium Live Event the most-watched in history. Well, we now know that the planning was a brainchild of the power couple of the WWE – Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

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