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The Miz must come out of his ‘jobber’ role

Just two and a half years ago, this guy used to be a main eventer. Who can believe this guy was a WrestleMania main event winner. What is wrong with this guy? What is wrong with the creative team? As far as I understand professional wrestling he has improved. He has crazy mic skills, his wrestling skills might not be great as hell, but it is, of course, better than what he is doing right now. We don’t have enough names on the main events right now. Good to see Daniel Bryan having a lift, he deserved it, we have Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and Rob Van Dam, but I don’t see Van Dam to stay in the main events for long. Miz is not even a mid-carder right now, he is an under card. He seriously deserves better.

Miz is currently involved in a feud with Fandango; I don’t know the point of this storyline. Fandango just distracts Miz while he is battling Damien Sandow and he costs him the match. Miz gets angry, congratulations Miz, you got a storyline to deal with! But hello, why did Fandango distracted Miz, why not someone else? Why not Christian, why not Dolph Ziggler, why not Kofi Kingston? They have no storylines in hand either. The feud looks pretty lame from its very beginning and I don’t see it going on for long.

I think Miz should turn heel that is best for everyone, both for him and for the fans. Miz’s character and personality is not meant to be a babyface, he is much more interesting as a heel. Wrestlers in WWE always get more preferences when they work as a heel, and their character also come to highlight.

Miz would have a lot of things to do if he turns heel. He can team up with some heel superstar to make the tag team division a little better, he can feud with any face wrestler in the roster. I say, if Miz turns heel and feuds with Daniel Bryan, it would be pretty interesting. You see, these two individuals have some warm relationships in past, they could just use those past relationships as an issue to make a good storyline between them.

The Miz could feature in this ‘Best For Business’ storyline as well. As I said they could use the past involvements of Bryan and Miz to plant a decent storyline. And I seriously f Miz features in this storyline, especially against Daniel Bryan, that would be, ‘Best For Business’.

Moral of the story is, Miz must turn heel to come out of this jobber role he is playing right now. He is way better as a heel than the gimmick he is playing right now.

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