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Top 10 Heel wrestlers of pre attitude Era part 1

I have said in our ‘Top 10 faces of the decade’ article that being a face is more difficult than being a heel. But you see, when you are going through a heel gimmick, you sometimes feel too annoyed while getting constantly booed by the audience. However, you are getting paid to get booed, but still, who wouldn’t like to hear thousands of people praising his name? Being a successful heel is very challenging also. You will see, when big names turn heel, they get more attention and achievements, for example, Booker T. When he was a face, he could become only intercontinental or tag team champion. But as soon as he turned heel, he got the World Heavyweight championship. Even Miz, he was handed the WWE championship which he actually never deserved (sorry if you don’t like it, but this is the way I think), but imagine, if he was face, would he get the championship? Fans love to see heel wrestlers more than the face wrestlers, so being a heel is no joke. The quality a heel wrestler must have is mic skill. His wrestling skill is less important than his mic skill. Another example for you is JBL. He did not have a great wrestling skill, but superb mic skill. A heel wrestler is all about how bad the guy can be. Unless a guy talks well, he can’t get more attention as a heel. Here in this feature, we will discuss about ten of the best heels of pre attitude era. And one more thing before I start, I shall only name the heel ‘wrestlers’, so don’t except any managerial names here.

10. The Undertaker : The Undertaker started his WWE career as a heel. People often make mistake by saying that he debuted in Survivor Series 1990 as a member for ‘The Million Doller Man’ Ted Dibiase’s team for Survivor Series classic tag team elimination match, he debuted to WWE three nights before Survivor series as ‘Kane The Undertaker’. He might not had a long heel career before the attitude era, but whatever he did was enough to make to him worthy of being in this list. He turned face on February 1992 when he saved Miss Ellizabeth from Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. Undertaker is more popular as a face, but he made a great heel too.  

9. Sensational Sherry/Sherry Martel : Might be a female wrestler but she was no less important than any other male professional wrestlers. She was a great heel both as a wrestler and as a manager. She debuted to World Wrestling Federation in July 24, 1987 and defeated Fabulous Moolah to become the Women’s champion on her very first day. She spent most of her days In managing wrestlers but whatever she does in her wrestling career as a heel makes her worthy of being in this list. She passed away in 2006, she is missed a lot by the world of pro wrestling.  

8. Harley Race : The King of Wrestling Harley Race debuted to WWF in 1987 after his successful NWA career of almost 15 years. He was managed by his longtime friend Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan in WWF. He won the King of the Ring tournament on her first year in WWF (1986). He spent five years with WWF and was a tremendous heel in his WWF career.

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