10. The Headbangers : Mosh and Thrasher were known as the Headbangers who played a very different and disturbing gimmick throughout their career. They made their debut WWF/E in November 24th, 1996 in an episode of WWF Superstars. The Headbangers earned the right to become the number one contenders for World Wrestling Federation Tag Team championship on the grandest stage of them all. They won a four way elimination match at WrestleMania 13. They won their first tag team championship on WWE In your house : round Zero as they won the four way elimination match for the vacant tag team championships. They also won the NWA tag team championship February 17, 2998. They performed regularly till 2000-2001 as they were finally released from WWE. 

9. The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection : It was a very popular tag team of The Rock and Mankind or Mick Foley. The two individuals first formed as a team in August 29, 1999 against Undertaker and Big Show. They have been a three time World Wrestling Federation tag team champion. They won their very first tag team championship against the unholy Alliance just after the day they formed as a team. The team was disbanded in early 2000. After four years, in 2004, they formed again and faced Evolution on WrestleMania 20. However, rock ‘n’ Sock connection lost their last and final match.  

8. APA / The Acolytes : APA aka Acolytes Protection Agency was a famous name in the tag team division of the attitude era. They were three time tag team champions. They formed as heel members of the undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness, after Ministry of Darkness was defunct, Bradshaw and Faarooq formed as a tag team. They won their tag team title from Kane and X-Pac. Their team was defunct in 2004 but they make some sporadic appearances nowadays which are very fun to watch. 

7. Legion of Doom (The Road Warriors) : One of the biggest names in the tag team division of WWE are legion of Doom aka The Road Warriors, two superstars who always wrestled as a team. They won two WWF tag team championship, and also many accomplishments they have under different promotions. They had a great time in the attitude era too. They won their second WWF tag team championship in October 7, 1997 from the HeadBangers. Unfortunately, they could not continue their tag team career as Road Warrior Hawk dies in 2003.  

6. Brothers of Destruction : Undertaker and Kane were formed as a team for the first time 1999. Before that, we all know that they were foes to each other. They have been a two time WWF tag team champions and one time WCW tag team champions. They make sporadic appearances nowadays. Brothers of Destruction are no doubt one of the most famous tag teams in WWE history.


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