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Top 10 WWE Faces of the Decade 

Faces aka the baby-faces aka the good guys in WWE or in any professional wrestling organization have a very important role. Many fans say that being a heel is more difficult than being a face. But I say, being a face is much more challenging. Because you see, if you are a face, you need to be cheered by the audience, as much as the crowd goes wild for you; you are that much worthy of being a face. But the crowd is not dumb. They don’t cheer for everyone of those who are scripted as a good guy. You will see another thing in wrestling, faces are being hated more by fans than the heels. For example, John Cena, yes, Cena might be the face WWE right now, but he has more haters than any other wrestlers in professional wrestling. So I believe being a face is much more difficult than being a heel. In this feature, we shall discuss about the best heels of WWE of the last decade.

10. Goldberg : Bill Goldberg might not have a long career in WWE (not even a full year), but he did a very good job in his small time of WWE career. He debuted to feud with the Rock, then he was involved in a rivalry with Triple H, he had a small rivalry with Kane too, and he finished his WWE career after defeating Brock lesner at WrestleMania 20. He did a great job as a face in his small WWE career. So we pick Goldberg on the 10th spot in this list. 

9. Batista : Batista began his WWE career his career as a heel in 2002. He turned face in late 2004. Even though, he was a member of Triple H’s heel team Evolution. He got massive support from the fans throughout his career. He won the Royal Rumble match 2005 and defeated Triple H to earn his first World Heavyweight championship. After that, he remained in the main events, and he did a tremendous job as a face which makes him worthy of being in this list.

8. Booker T : After WCW was dissolved, the five times WCW champion continued his wrestling career in WWE as a face. We all know how great Booker T is, and a what a superb job he did in his face gimmick. He had various feuds with various wrestlers. In WrestleMania 19, he featured in the World Heavyweight championship match against Triple H. He turned heel back in 2005 to feud with Chris Benoit and he did a marvelous job as a heel too. 

7. Jeff Hardy : Jeff hardy might be hated by many fans, but he is very famous too, especially among children and women too. Let’s not talk about if he deserved the two World Heavyweight championships and the WWE championship he won, let’s talk about his gimmick which was a big success. His styles and attitudes are not meant to be a heel. Even John Cena can go through a heel run, as he was earlier in his career, but even imagining Jeff as a heel feels disgusting. He did a superb job after returning to WWE in 2006 and we believe he is very much worthy of being in this list.

6. Kane : The big red machine had not been a regular face in his full career, but whatever he did as a face was superb. Talking about the last decade, he returned in August 26, 2002 as a face. He stunned every single one with his tremendous skill after the return! He remained a face for an year and turned after unmasking. Face turn came once again in late 2004 while a feud with Gene Snitskey. After that he turned heel again in 2008 when he became the World Heavyweight champion and had various rivalries with Rey Mysterio, Undertaker and Edge. After that he turned he face again. Kane remained face till he made his return his long awaited masked gimmick in November 2011. He had a small heel run while feuding with John Cena and Randy Orton. And after that, while feuding with Daniel Bryan he turned face again. No matter if he didn’t remain a regular face, but whatever he did in his irregular and different type of face gimmicks, they were all classy. 

5. Rey Mysterio : Unlike Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio is another wrestler who’s gimmick cannot be imagined as a heel. Rey Mysterio is a hero of all the children, children who admire Batman, not Joker, I guess. So Rey Mysterio can never become a heel, if he does, I’m sure it will be a massive flop. The master of the 619 is a tremendous face since his WWE debut. He had many accomplishments in WWE which sometimes not appreciated by the fans worldwide but nobody can disagree that he is among one of the best faces of the last decade in WWE. 

4. Chris Benoit : The rabid Wolverine is another epic name on the list of the faces that is hard to imagine as a heel. He went through a heel run earlier in his career, but he looked way better as a face. In the last the decade till he was with us, he had many great feuds. His feuds with Kurt Angle were superb! He also had successful feuds with John Cena, Triple H, Kane, JBL and many other superstars. Chris Benoit is missed a lot by the fans.

3. John Cena : Like it not or not, he is definitely among one of the faces of WWE of the last decade. He was a heel in his early career, but after he returned as a face in Survivor Series 2003 to join team of Kurt Angle against the team of Brock Lesnar, he never turned heel. Though it has become pretty boring to see him in same gimmick for such a long time, we can’t deny the fact that he is among best faces in WWE of the last decade. 

2. Undertaker : The dead man debuted in WWE/F as a heel in Survivor Series 1990 as a member of the team of ‘The Million Dollar man’ Ted Dibiase. Later, he turned face and remained a face for a long time before he turned heel again. Let’s not talk about those days. His gimmick in the decade as a face is unquestionable. He was in his American Badass in 2003 when he WrestleMania 20 he returned in his Deadman gimmick again. He had so many feuds throughout the last decade, and everything he does become history. 

1. Shawn Michaels : At last, we pick The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels as the best face of the last decade. His name does not need any introduction. If you look at the decade before the last decade, you will find Shawn Michaels as one of the best heels. He is such a talented professional wrestler. Since his WWE return 2002 till his last day in 2010, he made a tremendous job as a face. His long lasted feud with Triple H was superb! He also had lots of amazing feuds with many other big names. So there is no question that Shawn Michaels is the best face of WWE of the last decade.

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Top 10 WWE Faces of the Decade

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