Ric Flair once said, “To be the man you’ve got to beat the man.” It’s very true in the case of the squared circle as one has to prove himself in terms of his title numbers and title reigns. This list is dedicated to those title holders who managed to recapture the titles multiple times after losing it and manage to top the list as the record titleholders. Check out the list and the number of times they had tied the gold around their waist.

5. JBL (24)

17-time Hardcore Champion
Three-time World Tag Team Champion
One-time WWE Champion
One-time Intercontinental Champion
One-time United States Champion
One-time European Champion

John Bradshaw Layfield used to claim himself as “The Wrestling God.” And if number championships are the parameter, the arrogant rich brat is not far-off. Before commencing with the commentary table, JBL had 24 title reigns with above-mentioned titles. The hardcore title accounted the bulk though he later managed to have a variety of titles which includes a 280-day reign with the WWE championship which is a record in Smackdown history. He quitted WWE angrily after losing the intercontinental championship in 2009 closing the door in a glorious in-ring career.


4. Booker-T (27)

11-time WCW Tag Team Champion
Five-time WCW World Champion
Four-time United States Champion
Three-time World Tag Team Champion
Two-time Hardcore Champion
One-time World Heavyweight Champion
One-time Intercontinental Champion

When WWE managed to own WCW on 2001, Booker T was the WCW champion which he will eventually go on winning for five times. Yes, we hear it every time from his mouth (five times…five times….). He was also voted the best ever World Heavyweight Champion in numerous polls. But more impressively Booker had won the WCW tag title for 11 times which are a record. Also, he won the US championship 4 times upon arriving in the WWE scenario. In 2006, Booker had managed to reach the pinnacle of sports entertainment by capturing the WWE World Heavyweight championship after his King of the Ring victory.


3. Chris Jericho (28)

Nine-time Intercontinental Champion
Five-time World Tag Team Champion
Four-time Cruiserweight Champion
Three-time World Heavyweight Champion
Two-time WWE Tag Team Champion
Two-time WCW World Champion
One-time WWE Champion
One-time Hardcore Champion
One-time European Champion

Chris Jericho started his mission to save WWE universe at the start of this century with “Breaking the Code.” After starting his crusade, he not only managed to have some followers known as ‘Jerichoholics’ but also earned a total number of 28 title reigns. Including the one iconic moment when he became the first ever undisputed WWE champion which he boasts about all the time. But if that’s not all, he got another reason to boast by becoming nine-time Intercontinental champion which is a record again. He also had his own Rockband and hosts a podcast of his own. Inside the squared circle, he proved the paraphrase that he uses “The best in the world at what he does.”


2. Ric Flair (29)

14-time WCW World Champion
Five-time United States Champion
Three-time WCW Tag Team Champion
Two-time WWE Champion
Two-time World Tag Team Champion
Two-time WCW International World Heavyweight Champion
One-time Intercontinental Champion

Whenever it comes to championships everyone talks about the Nature Boys’ 16 title reigns which are recently being sniffed by John Cena who is now at the number of 15. But this stat will fail to show how much he accomplished in his career to become a “stylin’ and profilin’ “ character. His bulk achievements had come from WCW where he managed to get a late run in WWE history with three world tag title reigns and one intercontinental title reign. Let’s be honest he made a persona where he did not suit well without the championship golds.

1. Edge (31)

12-time World Tag Team Champion
Seven-time World Heavyweight Champion
Five-time Intercontinental Champion
Four-time WWE Champion
Two-time WWE Tag Team Champion
One-time United States Champion

Most decorated champion of all time in my view. You can call him The Master Manipulator or The Ultimate Opportunist but most of all you should call him a champion. That’s because no other man had a compact career like him and he managed to do it all within the shorter span he got. No other man had won the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank (Twice), King of the Ring and Elimination Chambers (Twice) simultaneously like he did. This also includes 4 time WWE championship and 7 time World Heavyweight Championship which is a record setter. Also, he holds the record of 14 tag titles reign in a combined way which is again a record. The Ultimate Opportunist was a perfect nickname for him who used his moments and abilities to top the golden mountain.


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