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WWE Battleground Preview 

The next pay per view event of World Wrestling Entertainment has a great potential to create some wealthy for a number of superstars, it also has the potential to make some great storylines as well. All the matches that had been listed for the event are quite good, and unlike Money in the Bank it can be a great event as well, probably a better one. The best thing about of this pay per view event is most of the matches of this event are the first match of those individual feuds. Injuries, disappearances of top superstars could not affect the interest of WWE but increased. So what to expect from this event and the matches that are going to take place? Let us give them a quick look;

A fatal four way match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship has been listed in the event. However, it is really predictable, but we can expect a tremendous match. Earlier predictions suggested that John Cena would face Randy Orton in a one on one match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship when Roman Reigns would go head to head against the Devil’s Favorite Demon. But to make things more interesting, they arranged a fatal four way match which is definitely good for the storyline. So what to expect from the post event about this storyline? There was a rumor that John Cena would face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam for the WWE World Heavyweight championship and all the possibilities are indicating towards the same. We saw last week Paul Heyman met Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at their office where he proposed for a plan C. Quite obviously, his plan C was the introduction of Brock Lesnar who would attack John Cena after the match. On the other hand, Roman Reigns is rumored to face Triple H at Summerslam and Kane would be back to his mid card status soon. The main event position he is having right now is just for the promotion of his upcoming feature film See No Evil 2. As I said, the match is easily predictable but it would be really interesting to watch.

The one on one match between Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt is one of those matches of the night that fans are eagerly looking for. This will be Chris Jericho’s first pay per view since last year, and no doubt, it would be a great match to watch. The point of this feud is quite obvious, Chris Jericho is back to give another younger a big push, as he always did. Get this fact cleared, Chris Jericho made his return to give Bray Wyatt a big push. I have said this number of times before, Chris Jericho and Kane are two platforms for WWE to give pushed to the youngsters. And once again, he is back to do what he always did. Who can forget the push Fandango got through Chris Jericho. Oh yes, this undercard superstar had a victory on Jericho at the grandest stage of them all. As much as we see this dedication from Y2J, our respect towards him increases more and more. Now talking about this feud, Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt feud would go on for a number of months for sure, and we think Bray Wyatt would be victorious in this feud.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose would arguably be the most anticipated match of the night.  Both individuals are doing tremendously well, and without any doubt, both have great futures lying in front of them. It is not really important who wins this match, we are waiting to see if they perform at their best level on Sunday. I noticed some of the sources saying earlier that the Money in the Bank contract would be on the line in the Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins match. But I think it is a wise decision not to involve that briefcase in this match. We see such cases quite often when a superstar owns Money in the Bank contract. No doubt it would be a great to watch, and the feud would not be coming to an end so soon, and it should not. The feud is really going well and it should go on for a while. We might see these two superstars going head to head again at Summerslam and the next time a stipulation might be added which would seriously make things more interesting.

A battle royal has been organized to determine the intercontinental champion. We all know why the championship was vacated, Bad News Barrett picked up an injury and he was forced to vacate the championship. Now, twenty will collide to earn the gold. It does not matter how the match turns out to be, the actual fact is, battle royals are always very interesting, every fan loves battle royal. So yes, indeed this match is best for business. But I think they could arrange a tournament as well. A sixteen man tournament could be arranged of which the semi finals and the final would take place at the pay per view event. But never mind, a battle royal would be equally interesting.

The feud between The Usos and The Wyatt Family is getting a bit monotonous now. There is not enough expectations left from this feud, I think Battleground should be the end of this feud. A tag team feud should not continue for such a long time. To make things interesting, they made this match a tow out of three falls match, which indeed is a good idea. Some tag teams needed to be created now. Just because of the lack of tag teams, this feud is still going on. They should make some decent tag teams as soon as possible.

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger is turning out to be a good feud. This is certainly the best feud of Rusev so far. Rusev had been involved in two feuds earlier, the first one was against R Truth and Xavier Woods, and the previous one was against Big E. In both feuds, the storyline was very week, and they failed impress the fans. This one looks to be a little different from the other two.  We have no doubts on the wrestling skill of Jack Swagger, and after the involvement of Zeb Colter, the feud turned to be more interesting. They utilized Jack Swagger’s real American gimmick really well to make this storyline and his face turn is well decorated as well. It might be a bit predictable feud, but without any doubt it would be very interesting to watch. We hope this feud would continue for a couple of months more because it has the potential to be a good feud.

Unlike the previous pay per view event, this event also contains two diva matches. Hopefully, these two diva matches would be better than the previous two. Let us first talk about the Divas championship match. It seems like Paige vs. AJ Lee is going to be an amazing feud. I think what is going to happen in this feud is; the friendship between Paige and AJ Lee would not come to an end very soon, but when it would, Paige would turn heel, and that is something we are waiting to see. We all know that Paige is a tremendously well professional wrestler. Mark my words, she can be the best diva of WWE in near future. So it is necessary to see how good Paige can be as a heel. Obviously, Paige would turn heel if they seriously care for what best for business is. A baby face AJ Lee vs. a heel Paige would be a tremendously well feud. And this feud must continue for a long time, maybe till WrestleMania 31. They can give a pause in between, like Paige turns heel and makes AJ Lee injured, she captures the title and before AJ Lee makes her return to claim for her right. Trust me, it would be one of the best diva storylines in the history of WWE. It just needed to be given the proper touch.

And lastly, we talk about Naomi vs. Cameron. This match might take place as the pre show event. The storyline that is being followed by this feud is not something very unique, however, these two divas are not doing a very bad job and fans are enjoying this feud. So that is it, that is the success of this feud. Since there had been no depth of the divas division for a past number of years, these feuds are really needed so the divas division can be lifted to a good position again. I think this feud would continue for a while more, and it would not be too bad if it continues I guess.

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