It was a good event, I will not say that it was worth watching because some of the matches really disappointed when some of the uncountable matches really impressed everyone. Brock Lesnar was rumored to return on this event but no such thing happened. Superstar returns are not taking place at any pay per view events nowadays. I would not say that it was best pay per view event after WrestleMania, that would be very debatable, but I believe everyone should watch this event. Now, let us go through all the matches that took place at the event and see what actually happened;

Pre Show – Singles match – Adam Rose defeated Fandango – Ridiculous match. Summer Rae and Layla was on Adam Rose’s corner who were creating distraction for Fandango, Fandango tried to stop them and they slapped them. The referee saw it but he did not call for disqualification. After getting slapped by Summer Rae and Layla Fandango returned to the ring and Adam Rose pinned him with his finishing maneuver. It might have been a pre show match but still, everybody deserved something better.

Pre Show 2 – Singles match – Cameron defeated Naomi – It was an average match and way better than the previous pre show match. We said it in our predictions section that Cameron would be awarded the victory in this match and that was that actually happened. We also said that Cameron’s victory would not be a clean one and it was not. By the victory of Cameron, it is quite obvious that they want this rivalry to get continued for a while more.

Match 1 – Two out of three falls match for the WWE Tag team championship – The Usos defeated The Wyatt Family (Eric Rowan and Luke Harper) – It was amazing match, and undoubtedly, it was the best match of these individuals. There was no other way to start a pay per view event better than this. We salute the four individuals who performed out of the world in this match. Luke Harper and Eric Rowan picked up the first fall, Luke Harper pinned Jey Uso with the Big Boot. Then the Usos won the next two back to back falls consecutively. Well, it might have been a great match, but we still think this feud should come to an end here. This should be the last match of this feud and there is no other way to end a feud in a better than this.

Match 2 – Singles match – WWE Divas championship – AJ Lee defeated Paige to retain – It was a good way to start things off for this feud. Both divas performed quite well and it seriously was a good match if you consider it as a diva match. Things that made people more impressed are Paige’s survival from the Black Widow submission hold and AJ Lee’s kick out from Paige Turner. Indeed, this feud has a great path lying in front, it just needed to be molded in the right pot. AJ Lee pinned Paige with the Shinning Wizard finishing maneuver.

Match 3 – Singles match – Rusev defeated Jack Swagger by count out – It was an average match. It certainly was the best match of Rusev’s WWE main stream career till now. The match went on over ten minutes and that is quite exceptional for a mid card match. I would still say, Jack Swagger’s performance was better than Rusev. All eyes was at Rusev about he performs. He did perform well but in this occasion his opponent outnumbered him somehow. Since it was a count out victory for Rusev, indeed the feud would go on for a while and it should go on. This is possibly the best feud for Rusev right now.

Match 4 – Singles match – Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose went to a no contest – Expectations were really high from this match but it seriously disappointed us. The match could never even officially start. As Seth Rollins was making his entrance, Dean Ambrose attacked him from behind. The fight started before match could officially start. Officials came out to separate the two but they founded it too difficult. Lastly, Triple H came out to prevent them, he somehow took Seth Rollins away. This feud will surely go on for quite a long time. We are eagerly waiting for the next part of this feud. Hope we would get to see them battling each other at Summerslam.

Match 5 – Singles match – Chris Jericho defeated Bray Wyatt – Good match but it was not up to the expectations. A victory for Chris Jericho seriously made things more interesting. It clearly indicates towards a continuation of this feud. As I said, it was good match, but nothing beyond that. It could not come up with the expectations and neither could it fulfill it totally. Bray Wyatt dominated the match for most of the times but Chris Jericho pinned Bray Wyatt with the Code breaker.

(Meanwhile Seth Rollins was escaping the arena with two security guards with him. As he reached the garage he asked the security guards to depart.  As they departed and he was about to take his vehicle, it seemed that somebody was eyeing him. And that somebody was none other than Dean Ambrose who attacked him and Seth somehow escaped in his car)

Match 6 – Nineteen Man Battle Royal for the WWE Intercontinental championship – The Miz won the Nineteen Man battle royal to win the vacated WWE Intercontinental championship – Indeed it was an enjoyable match;

Order of Entries –

No 1 – Big E

No 2 – Alberto Del Rio

No 3 – Cesaro

No 4 – R Truth

No 5 – Ryback

No 6 – Curtis Axel

No 7 – Zack Ryder

No 8 – Titus O’ Neil

No 9 – Damien Sandow

No 10 – Heath Slater

No 11 – Matador Diego

No 12 – Sin Cara

No 13 – Xavier Woods

No 14 – The Great Khali

No 15 – Kofi Kingston

No 16 – Bo Dallas

No 17 – Dolph ZIggler

No 18 – The Miz

No 19 – Sheamus

Before the start of the match, Bad News Barrett interfered and said that he got some bad news for the winner of the Battle Royal and the new intercontinental champion. Bad News Barrett would take the title away from him very soon.

Order of Eliminations –

No 1 – Xavier Woods was eliminated by The Great Khali

No 2 – Zack Ryder was eliminated by The Great Khali

No 3 – The Great Khali was eliminated by Sheamus, Cesaro, Ryback, Titus O’ Neil and Dolph ZIggler

No 4 – Sin Cara was eliminated by Bo Dallas

(The Miz went out of the ring and went under it, he was not eliminated)

No 5 – R Truth was eliminated by Curtis Axel

No 6 – Curtis Axel was eliminated by Damien Sandow

No 7 – Damien Sandow was eliminated by Matador Diego

No 8 – Matador Diego was eliminated by Ryback

No 9 – Ryback was eliminated by Sheamus

(Miz entered the ring and tried to eliminate Sheamus from behind, as Sheamus prevented the elimination, Dolph Ziggler nailed him with the Zig Zag. He went out of the ring again)

No 10 – Titus O’ Neil was eliminated by Bo Dallas

No 11 – Alberto Del Rio was eliminated by Dolph Ziggler

(The Miz entered the ring and tried to eliminate Dolph Ziggler quickly, but Ziggler saved himself somehow. Big E nailed The Miz with the clothesline as soon as he turned. The Miz went out of the ring again)

No 12 – Big E was eliminated by Cesaro

No 13 – Kofi Kingston was eliminated by Cesaro

No 14 – Cesaro was eliminated by Heath Slater

No 15 – Heath Slater was eliminated by Sheamus

No 16 – Bo Dallas was eliminated by Sheamus

No 17 – Sheamus was eliminated by Dolph Ziggler

No 18 – Dolph Ziggler was eliminated by The Miz

Main Event – Fatal Four Way for the WWE World Heavyweight championship – John Cena defeated Kane, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns to retain – It was a good match. Not long enough for a pay per view main event but it was quite enjoyable. We think Kane was the best performer of this match and Randy Orton was the worst. It was predictable that Cena would retain the title but a number of sources claimed that Cena was not booked for next couple of Monday Night Raws so he might lose the championship in this event. But we remained still with our prediction that Cena would be victorious. Even we predicted that Cena would pin Kane to win the match and that also came true. Overall, the match was good, and it was worth watching.


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