Triple H came out to the arena first to address Sting. He said that last week on Raw he was confronted by one of the biggest legends in professional wrestling history, the hall of famer Ric Flair. Things got heated up during that confrontation, he pushed Ric to the ground and he regretted that. He apologized to Ric but did not apologize for what he said that night. He said that he was standing as the heart beat of WWE and he told Sting that he was waiting for Sting.

Sting’s entrance music hit and Sting came out to the arena. Sting entered the ring and stood face to face with Triple H. Triple H said that he knew why Sting was here and he was not mad about it at all and he claimed to be honest and said he felt sorry for Sting. He said that he was after the wrong guy. All those years ago Sting was the loyal soldier to WCW, hell. Sting was WCW.

Triple H said that he admired and respected that. But the reality was Triple H was guy who let that ship went down in the first place. Triple H said that his legacy put Sting’s legacy out of business. He got what he tried to do at Survivor Series, he tried to put Triple H and his wife out of WWE, because he knew without his family WWE would die. But he failed. At the end of the day, failure was what Sting did.

Triple H now asked what if he could give him back the power and his legacy. All he had to do was to go back and they would do business together. He always did what best for business was, he was magnanimous in that way. His legacy could be eternal through the WWE network, through DVDs, merchandise, action figures and all. And in 2015, Sting would be bigger than ever before. And maybe he would put into the hall of fame.

Triple H asked how did it sound to Sting. Triple H put his jacket off and asked if he would like to do it in the other way. He could sit back and continue to disrespect Sting and Triple H would physically drive him out of the business like he never even existed. He told Sting that it was his choice but he was not going to wait for long.

Triple H suddenly attempted to attack Sting. Sting blocked the attack and punched Triple h down to the ground. Triple H fought back and hit Sting with the mic. Triple H grounded Sting and kept beating him badly. Triple H went outside the ring and brought a sledge hammer. As Triple H attempted to attack Sting with the hammer, Sting stood up and was back with the baseball bat. He hold the bat in Triple H’s chin. Triple H surrendered as he threw the hammer away. Sting pointed the baseball bat to the WrestleMania logo, that meant he challenged Triple H to a match at WrestleMania. As Sting turned his back, Triple H attempted to attack Sting again, Sting hit Triple H with the bat and then knocked him out with the Scorpion Death Drop.

Triple H wasted no time pontificating about what he thought was Sting’s motivation for coming to WWE. Finally face-to-face with the individual who has caused The Authority a great deal of strife since Survivor Series, The Game discussed Sting’s legacy, citing WWE’s purchase of WCW and his own legacy overshadowing The Stinger’s. With that, the WWE COO left the face-painted franchise of WCW with a simple ultimatum. Sting could turn around and walk away and Triple H would ensure Sting’s legacy remain in-tact through WWE Network, DVDs, action figures, video games and even the WWE Hall of Fame.

Conversely, Sting could remain in the ring and Triple H would make him sorry he ever set foot in WWE. The former WCW Champion remained expressionless, steadfast in his silence and The Game realized there was only one way for the situation to go.

Attacking The Vigilante initially proved to be a mistake, Sting beat Triple H to the punch, but The Cerebral Assassin took down his adversary and unleashed the rage that has been pent up since Survivor Series. With Sting reeling, The King of Kings reached under the ring and retrieved his signature sledgehammer. As he re-entered the ring, he was stopped in his tracks as Sting’s legendary black baseball bat made its first appearance in WWE.

With the very weapon that took out The nWo on numerous occasions pressed firmly under Triple H’s chin, The Game was backed into the corner and forced to drop his sledgehammer. Sting then made his own ultimatum, pointing to the WrestleMania sign, issuing the challenge the WWE Universe has been waiting for.

Sting turned to leave and The Cerebral Assassin attacked but was quickly taken down by the bat. Bringing The Game back to his feet, The Stinger put him down once more with the Scorpion Death Drop.

Moments after the confrontation, it was announced that at WrestleMania, not only will Sting battle Triple H in a veritable dream match, but the icon of WCW will compete inside a WWE ring for the first time ever.



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