WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 had been one of the best pay per view events of the year. In spite there was no world championship match, the event was great. Most of the matches were able to impress the fans, some of the matches were a little predictable anyway, but some were not as well. So let us go through all the matches that talk about all the matches in brief;

Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro indeed was a little bit predictable but without any doubt it was a great match, it is a very good example of professional wrestling match. Both performers performed really well, but I would give Cesaro more credits, the Swiss superman looked to have injured his arm during the match but it did not affect in his performance. The first fall came really early, Cesaro performed his Giant Cesaro swing on Ziggler, as he attempted to pin the champion, Ziggler countered and got the first fall. Only a little after the first fall, the fans started chanting ‘this is awesome’. The second fall just ended the match as Ziggler won it too. Ziggler won the match with two straight falls, Cesaro never got a fall out of this match. Ziggler pinned the challenger Cesaro with his finishing maneuver Zig Zag. But it was all okay, undoubtedly, it was one of the best match of the event. After the way the way this match ended this feud is not likely to continue after the event.

Nikki Bella defeated Brie Bella was a good match. We all know that Brie Bella was a good performers, but surprise again, it was Nikki who performed a little better among the two. I would not say that it was such a match which forced the fans to leave their chair and stand up, no, it was not that special either. But there was indeed one special thing about this match, both girls kicked out of each other’s finishing moves, something that you will not see enough in a diva action, especially, by a Bella. At the end od the day, Nikki Bella pinned Brie Bella with the second Nikki Torture Rack. So according to the stipulation, Brie Bella will now be the personal assistant of Nikki Bella for next one month. It would be very interesting to see where this storyline turns now. After a long time, a diva storyline is more exciting than the other major storylines. We think this feud should continue till WrestleMania 31, and it can easily be dragged to that far. Just erase Brie Bella out of the frame for a number of months and make her return a couple or a month before WrestleMania, or there are other ways to continue this storyline as well. Let us see how they drag this feud and how long.

The four athletes in the WWE Tag Team championship did a very good job just like they always did. Just like their previous contest at Night of Champions, this one was a very good match as well. Goldust and Stardust won their second tag team title gold together last month at Night of Champions pay per view event. These two athletes defeated Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins last year to win their first tag team championship titles. This is the first title for Cody Rhodes in his new Stardust gimmick. These two brothers can become a huge deal in WWE, and we believe they should continue working as a tag team in future too. Currently, we do not have enough tag teams in hand, and the tag team of Goldust and Stardust is really very impressive. So just like I said, they should keep working as a tag team. And talking about the Usos, they had quite a good run for the tag team championship titles, they rightfully deserved to retain the titles too. It was quite funny that every week Gold and Stardust lose all their matches in the weekly shows, but they somehow win their pay per view matches. There are not enough reasons to continue this feud except there are not enough tag teams in the roster. Goldust picked up the victory as he pinned one of the Usos (it is difficult to identify the Usos individually) with the Final Cut finishing maneuver.

Just like we said in our preview article, not enough fans would be looking forward to John Cena vs. Randy Orton match but still, it would be a good match.  So it was not only a good match, it was a great match. It was physical, it was hardcore, and it was vicious. I would say, this Hell in a Cell match was better than their previous hell in a cell match which took place in 2009 for the WWE championship. Remember, the latest match between the two athletes was a no 1 contender’s match. So it seems like John Cena is going to get his fair chance of facing Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Hopefully, John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar would take place at the next pay per view event which is Survivor Series, and this time they need to battle in a good stipulated match. John Cena and Randy Orton did a very well job at Hell in a Cell, we rate both athletes highly. In this match, Cena attempted a maneuver which he actually failed by the way, he threw the stell step on Orton who was standing on his back by the cell wall. I wonder what would happen to Orton if he was hit by that step. Orton attempted to RKO Cena through the table, Cena reversed and hit AA on Orton through the table to pin him.

Like we said in our preview article, the WWE United States championship match would be more interesting because of Damien Mizdow, and it was, it indeed was. Not only Damien Mizdow was the best part of this match, he was also one of the best parts of the event as well. I am not sure even if the creative thought this gimmick of Damien Mizdow would have been this much famous. We would give all the credits to Mizdow for getting the best out of this gimmick. Let us talk about how he made things interesting. After the match, Sheamus noticed that Mizdow was down just like Miz. Sheamus edged near to Miz, he moved Miz’s body, Mizdow did exactly the same, it looked hoodoo, but it was damn funny. The crowd laughed really hard to see this. We hope to see this gimmick of Mizdow continues a little longer than scheduled, it is amazing so far and it will get more and more interesting as time passes. Talking about this match, it was an even and balanced match. Miz and Sheamus both performed well, the way it ended was really great. Miz climbed on top of the turn buckle to hit a high risk maneuver(Mizdow was doing the same on the outside of the ring), Sheamus capitalized with the Brogue Kick and pinned the former United States champion. We hope to see this feud continue for a little longer. Actually, every feud of Miz will be interesting if Mizdow remains by the side of Miz. So there are no worries if the feud continues or ends, things would remain interesting.

Rusev vs. The Big Show was too predictable, I would say, it was the most predictable match of the night. We all knew that they will not let Rusev lose that easily, especially to the Big Show. However, I would say, the set up and the storyline of this feud was quite interesting. But whatever they do, things will remain predictable in case of Rusev since there are no bigger names involved. We think this feud should end here, it is difficult to see Big Show getting humiliated at this stage of his career. It is seriously painful to see Big Show losing to a new guy by submission. So Big Show joins the list of Rusev’s victims after R Truth, Xavier Woods, Big E, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry. Rumors suggest that Sheamus is the next wrestler to feud with Rusev. It would be interesting to see Rusev fighting for the United States championship. Talking about this match, Rusev performed a little better than the former world champion, Big Show was good too. Rusev made the big Show submit with his submission maneuver The Accolade.

AJ Lee vs. Paige was a little bit predictable, but I seriously think it was unfair to award all the victories to AJ Lee via submission. Even in the last match, the triple threat I am talking about involving Nikki Bella, they kept Nikki unconquerable and AJ picked up the victory over Paige in that match by submission too. We noticed this during AJ Lee – Kaitlyn feud too, they awarded all the victories to AJ by submission. Honestly speaking, it looks awful. AJ Lee is half the size of both Paige and Kaitlyn, and do you really think it is realistic for AJ Lee to beat all of them via submission in every match? Is this really as easy as it looks like? It indeed was not, and the creative is to be blamed for this. Talking about this match, it was nothing out of the world, neither this was the best match of these two athletes. We did not expect a lot from this match either. AJ Lee made Paige submit with her submission maneuver the Black Widow. Unfortunately, it looks like the end of this feud, wondering who AJ Lee would feud with next, maybe it would be Nikki Bella since Brie Bella would now be Nikki Bella’s personal assistant for next one month, and Nikki had no one to feud. Paige seems to be turning to her best friend Alicia Fox as she slapped right into the face of Alicia after the match, as Paige was leaving, she screamed ‘I hate you’ addressing Alicia Fox.

The feud between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose all over, and it is Seth Rollins who came out victorious. We feel sorry for Dean Ambrose, he could not beat Seth Rollins even once. But it is now all over, nothing remains between the two. This feud has been very impressive and without being a championship feud, it holds the fans on the ultimate level of excitement. We give credit to both individuals to make things so special. About this match, it was great, I would rather say, it would say, it was superb. The way it started was innovative. Dean Ambrose entered the ring and climbed on top of the cell. Seth had to follow him back along with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Dean Ambrose beat down all three of them. Seth and Dean came down to the ring and fought a vicious fight. Dean was on the driving seat and close to the victory, and then, Bray Wyatt interfered. He attacked Dean Ambrose and let Seth Rollins pick up the victory. So Bray Wyatt is finally to get a feud that would be interesting, a feud with Dean Ambrose that a lot of fans wanted to see. We hope to get the best out of this feud. I wonder who Seth Rollins would feud with now. Maybe Randy Orton, remember Seth curb stomped him last week on Monday Night Raw. So who will it be? Oh well, let us see.



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