The fifth annual Money in the Bank pay per view event was really a very good show. However, the matches were a little bit predictable and most of the matches went according to our predictions. It was a satisfactory event, however, I saw a lot of fans are not really pleased with Cena winning the championship yet again. We are coming to it when we will talk about that match. It was quite good to see Daniel Bryan back after his injury spell, we hope to see him back into the action very soon. But I believe it was not a good idea to feature Daniel Bryan into this event when he had absolutely nothing to do. His return should have been kept as a surprise since he is currently the most famous superstar. A surprise return of Daniel Bryan would seriously be best for business. But all are not lost yet. It seems Bryan would take a little longer time than expected to return. So he must not appear before his final return, because these special appearances might ruin his final return.

So let us start with the main event, the first ever Money in Bank ladder match for WWE World Heavyweight championship. There were a lot of things which simply made it easily predictable. First of all, Daniel Bryan’s injury made WWE a little bit puzzled, which led them to take a safe path, awarding the title to their most trusted man, John Cena. Another fact that made it predictable was, the event took place at Boston, as we know, John Cena has a clause in his contract that he would never lost in his home town, which is Boston. So there was nothing to look forward in it. Now talking about the individual performances, John Cena’s performance was bad. Ladder matches are definitely not his specialty, so we did not expected a lot from him either. But his performance was not like a champion either. Roman Reigns was another name who failed to impress. We had high expectations from this man, he looked like giving his best, but it seems, his best is not certainly the best for ladder matches. Randy Orton was good, just like always, so nothing special to talk about him. Kane was really good in this match, he definitely is among one of the best performers of the night. Alberto Del Rio was superstar who got beaten more than he beat anyone. Cesaro was totally average, and Bray Wyatt looked like a pathetic show off. That exorcist move during Cesaro and Sheamus were fighting on the ladder was absolutely meaningless. And talking about Sheamus, without any doubt, the Celtic Warrior was the best performer of the match. We hope to see him having some push very soon.

Money in the Bank contract ladder match was also good. WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett could not make it to the match as he suffered from an injury lately. As a result, the participants of the match decreased from seven to six. All six superstars performed good in this match. Kofi Kingston started things pretty well just like he always did in the ladder matches. But Kofi’s performance in this match was arguably his worst performance in all the ladder matches he performed in. Rob Van Dam preformed really well in this match, Jack Swagger was one of the best participants of this match, Dolph Ziggler was arguably the worst performer of the match, Dean Ambrose was quite good. And Seth Rollins was good but not certainly the best. He did his job quite good and he thoroughly deserved the title. Kane’s appearance at the end was a little unexpected, but we expected that Seth would not win it clean.

Now talking about the other matches, the tag team championship match was quite impressive. The Usos retained the championships with pride. The Wyatt Family was good as well, especially Luke Harper. This guy Luke Harper is quite impressive, we hope to see him in singles competition soon. The Usos are becoming more and more impressive as days pass. Quite obviously, The Usos are the best tag team in WWE right now.

Rybaxel vs. Goldust and Stardust was a good match as well. Such mid card matches are quite common in the pay per view events of nowadays. Stardust aka Cody Rhodes performed well in this match, this gimmick should be retained, it is really entertaining and definitely better than his all other gimmicks.

Rusev vs. Big E was way better than their previous match. Big E performed better than Rusev in this match, but it was easily predictable. I think this guy Rusev would turn out to be the next Umaga. Victories after victories at the beginning, then suddenly, an awful fall. Big E is good, but he did not seem to be overcoming his mid card status ever.

Adam Rose vs. Damien Sandow was an unscheduled match which is added instantly inti the card during the event. I do not know when would Sandow would be able to come out from his under card status. He seriously does not deserve this.

WWE Divas championship match between Paige and Naomi was really good. This was arguably the best diva match of 2014. Both Naomi and Paige performed well in this match. Cameron did not do anything and it was a clean victory for the champ. We hope this rivalry to get a continuation for another month or so.

There was another diva match, between Layla and Summer Rae. Actually, there is nothing special in this match, but the storyline looks quite interesting, and it would be interesting to see where it turns next. Summer Rae was the predictable winner, but Layla picked up the victory. The storyline could turn to a good path now.

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