Leaked News: Guess who is going to be Smackdown General Manager

WWE News: Daniel Bryan to become Smackdown General Manager

It was this week on Raw when Vince McMahon decided to put an end to the debate ongoing of will be in charge of Smackdown live! coming from July 19th.
Mr. McMahon relieved his prodigal son from the duties of running WWE Raw with his sister. He appointed Stephanie as the sole runner of Raw whereas Shane was appointed as the figurehead of Smackdown. Though, that’s not all. There’s an additional twist.
Vince warns them that they have to prove in future to make their claim in the WWE Kingdom. In the process, they have to choose one General Manager for each of the show who will be in charge of the day-to-day activities for both Raw and Smackdown. So, next week they have to come up with the names who will they like to appoint as the new General Managers for WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown.
With that being said we are eagerly waiting for next week’s Raw where we will get to know not only who will be the actual General Manager of Smackdown from the next night but also there will also be a new face who is going to be in charge of Raw from that point onwards.
Though, by mistake WWE has already given us some hints about who will be the runner of Smackdown which got caught by Wrestlingnews.com. In the WWE app, a spoiler alert was given while advertisements were headlining regarding the commissioners of both Raw and Smackdown. A line was quoted in a paragraph which said, “The Yes! The movement takes over SmackDown!” The company though promptly removed the advertisement.
Though, that left the fans buzzing over the fact whether it would be Daniel Bryan in the post of Smackdown General Manager. With Shane acting as the COO of the blue brand means he will bring someone people love whether the opposite is expected for Raw where Stephanie is in charge.