WWE News: Dolph Ziggler to become top heel after Summerslam

Arindam Paul / 12 August 2016

If anything is the best with this New Era then it must be the unusual bookings that we have seen in a couple of weeks. In a shocking turn of events, Dolph Ziggler had become the number one contender for the WWE World Championship. He is now scheduled to face the only heavyweight champion present in the company, Dean Ambrose.
The move to make Ziggler the number one contender was praised by the WWE universe all over the world. The show-off was due for a push for a long time, now. WWE has finally taken him into the consideration to put him as the main event star and the move was much appreciated.
Though, some of the fans are in doubt with WWE’s booking in the upcoming future. They think that since Dean Ambrose won the title just a couple of months ago, he is not going to drop the title against Summerslam. Upon the conclusion of the match, Ziggler will be brought back to the mid-card level, once again.

But, according to a report from Inquisitr.com new direction for Ziggler’s career is coming after Summerslam. It suggests that the Show-off is turning heel either the night of the PPV or in the next episode of Smackdown Live, which may continue the Ambrose-Ziggler rivalry going on. Furthermore, turning heel would hand Ziggler to have a legit opportunity to the title at some point in the future.
Former WWE commentator TAZ also feels the same way and stated that Smackdown desperately needs some genuine heels like Seth Rollins on Raw and Ziggler would be fit into the role, properly. If given with proper storyline the former World Heavyweight Champion is capable of carrying the company on his shoulders, certainly.
At this point, Dean Ambrose is rumored to retain his title at Summerslam. Once Summerslam is over, AJ Styles is supposed to start a feud with the champion and thus getting hands to his first major championship in the WWE. John Cena is supposed to take sometimes off after the major event in the summer for filming the second edition of the American Grit on Fox.