If anything is the best with this New Era then it must be the unusual bookings that we have seen in a couple of weeks. In a shocking turn of events, Dolph Ziggler had become the number one contender for the WWE World Championship whereas the newly arrived Finn Balor will compete against Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship at Summerslam.
Weighing just around 200 pounds, Finn belongs to the lightweight division of the WWE. A few years back nobody would have though a cruiserweight can be the face of the WWE until Daniel Bryan retold the story at two years back. The Irishman made a spectacular debut on Raw. He won consecutive two huge matches and made it compete for the first ever WWE Universal Championship match pinning Roman Reigns, straight.
Going by the rumors, Finn Balor is going to become the first ever WWE Universal Champion at Summerslam. Reports from cagesideseats.com suggest that WWE is planning to give him with the brand new championship defeating Seth Rollins. The decision is strongly backed by not only Triple H but also Vince McMahon, himself which in turn suggests that the man is not so out of touch.

Since the WWE Universal Championship is going to be the prime championship in the company after Summerslam, he will be the face of the company afterwards. Now, in a rather interesting incident, WWE itself acknowledged Finn becoming the poster boy of the company when they conducted an interview with him and asked his feelings of becoming the face of the company.
Since WWE is done with pushing Roman Reigns, someone is needed to fill his spot and Finn is supposed to be the perfect guy to carry the company on his shoulder.
Speaking of champions led us to the other one i.e. Dean Ambrose who is rumored to retain his title at Summerslam. Once Summerslam is over, AJ Styles is supposed to start a feud with the champion and thus getting hands to his first major championship in the WWE. John Cena is supposed to take sometimes off after the major event in the summer for filming the second edition of the American Grit on Fox.

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