Before you get too excited after reading the headline, you are advised to hold your breath. Goldberg is not coming back in WWE to wrestle again but he will be available to the WWE Universe that pre-order the WWE 2K17 video game that is set to be released on October 25th. The fans who will pre-order the video game can avail Goldberg as a playable character. The fans will actually love to see Goldberg having one last stint in WWE but that’s not the case here.
Goldberg was WCW’s main star back in its prime days and the name almost became synonymous with dominance there as well as in the short span he spent here in WWE. He was able to outnumber both The Rock and the then “Next big thing” Brock Lesnar single-handedly.

Since his last match in WWE which took place at Wrestlemania 20, his return has been quite a topic for discussions. That last match was quite a major meltdown as both men’s presence was shattered by the presence of the special guest referee i.e. Stone Cold Steve Austin. And both Brock and Goldberg left the company after that. The speculations were running around the time of Wrestlemania 32 that WWE has contacted the veteran for a one-night appearance on the grandest stage in Dallas, Texas. But, that plan got abandoned due to some creative reasons.
Goldberg was known for being an incredibly stiff in-ring worker. Now, that he is 49 years old it will be a rare case if WWE really looks forward to offering him for one last run. So, the hardcore fans will have to be satisfied by having him as the playable character of WWE 2K17 video game, which will be released in the month of October, rather than seeing him inside the squared circle. Given below is the pre-order trailer of the video game that was released on the Memorial Day edition of WWE Monday Night Raw.

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