Backstage scandal is set to take away Ambrose's WWE championship

WWE News: Serious concerns with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in WWE

The crowd was on cloud nine after seeing their beloved Dean Ambrose winning the Money in the Bank contract. If that’s not all, he cashed it in right at the end of the night to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and turning the entire arena into the Ambrose Asylum.
Now, it was previously reported that the decision of Dean Ambrose’s cash-in on Seth Rollins was made at the very last moment after it was revealed that Roman Reigns is due for a suspension. Though it might be the best decision that WWE took to please the entire WWE Universe but it will not last any longer.
The latest report from suggests that WWE officials are not quite happy with the in-ring efforts of Dean Ambrose ever since becoming the champion. If going by the rumors then the Creative is not pleased with the fact that Ambrose is taking everything in that ring too lightly. For a couple of months of now, he might have gone out of the script to receive a lot of backstage heat from the officials.

Even the talks suggested that Dean Ambrose was not looking in a great shape which raised the question whether he has put his hearts in his matches. So, if the heat indeed turns out to be true then it will be difficult for the Creative to keep him with the championship belt for a long time.
On the other hand, his championship opponent Seth Rollins is the topic of serious concern with the overloaded work he‘s been given since the return. In June he has been part of 15matches prior to the Japan tour. Vince and Co. have faced heat with their provided schedule for Rollins en route to establishing “The Man” to establish as the top heel. Though, it’s true if utilized properly Rollins is bound to be one of the best wrestlers that WWE has ever seen.