Bray Wyatt who was about to receive a huge push post-Wrestlemania season, got stuck after an injury and was out of action in the midst of WWE’s annual European tour. He was not seen on the Raw and Smackdown episodes since then. Wyatt is out of action due to picking up a calf injury while facing off against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns in a match that was held in a live event in Milan, Italy. The match was held on the 13th of this months and Bray had to head back towards the US immediately. Here’s the video about how Bray got injured at the live event.

WWE has admitted the injury of the eater of the world, but so far kept Bray Wyatt’s status under wraps. Previously reported that Bray Wyatt didn’t rupture his calf but pulled a muscle instead. The minor injury would sideline him for four to six weeks. The latest updates according to former wrestler and Wrestling Observer presenter Bryan Alvarez though indicate that Bray will have to take sometimes more i.e. now it will extend to six to eight weeks.
Though, the injury might be a blessing in the curse for Wyatt. Despite his debut and strong ongoing since after 2013, he has not been given with a single championship, which is a shame and points out the fact that WWE is indeed in the lack of trophies. With his family member Luke Harper also being sidelined due to injury, it is the time to get revamped and stand tall from the rest of his flock. Bray Wyatt has all the tools to emerge as a singles competitor in his own right. WWE Creative should plan something solid with the future of Wyatt.

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