With the release and controversial statement of the superstars like Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi aka Eden Stiles, WWE was about to face a PR damage. But, the franchise went right back to damage control and headlined it once again with breaking news. The pro-wrestling industry was shaken with the news when WWE announced on Thursday that WWE Smackdown will have its own identity coming July 19. From the mentioned date, WWE Raw and Smackdown will both return to its original format making them two separate brands with separate roster and championships.
The backstage word is that each show will have its own title like its previous days. Smackdown will have its own world championship, with the United States championship on one show and the Intercontinental championship going to the other one. Wrestling Observer journalist Bryan Alvarez noted that WWE Women’s championship will stay on one show but the WWE tag team championship will be featuring on both the shows. The roster will be split as well and the much anticipated WWE Draft is going to happen on July 11th in Detroit, Michigan.

As per the reports from wrestlingINC.com, WWE Creative did not allow to leak the brand split news to most of the backstage officials till the Extreme Rules pay-per-view this past Sunday. The news of spitting the roster through a WWE Draft had come about only in the last few weeks.
Now, with the baton of the WWE being in the hands of the McMahon son and daughter, it is the right time to make the much-anticipated brand split happen. There are numerous superstars emerging from the NXT division and with stars like John Cena and Seth Rollins returning in action with Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt waiting to come back from injury, the roster looks stronger than ever. Fans for sure can expect some more fresh talents to make entry to the main roster from NXT as a result of the brand split. Rumors also suggest that Roman Reigns will stay as the face of WWE Monday Night Raw whereas the returning John Cena will become the new face of the blue brand.

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