WWE Night of Champions: Predictions

Jeet / 22 September 2014

It is a little unfortunate to say but WWE is turning a little boring nowadays. None of the current feuds really look impressive. The main championship feud between Brock Lesnar and John Cena is really boring. They tried to make things interesting as much as they could but something remained missing and that is excitement. The matches that had been listed in the Night of Champions look impressive but they are lacking in the storylines. But we hope to see a better day very soon, I still remember the same time of last year, the situation was even worse. It could turn worst but surprisingly, they managed things quite well. But unfortunately, things are turning a little bad again. Let us look at all the matches that had been listed in the card and predict the results of all the matches individually.

WWE World Heavyweight championship – Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena – As I said, they tried to make John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar as interesting as they as could. But somehow, it remains ignorable. The lack of appearance from the champion himself is seriously affecting the feud. Since Lesnar returned he never had a match at Raw neither at Smackdown. He only wrestles in the pay per view events. His manager Paul Heyman tries his best to make his feuds alive, but he cannot do anything beyond the script. But this provocation of John Cena’s heel turn was a good idea. However, Cena would not turn heel, still, the idea was good, at least it helped people to stick on the storyline. A number of weeks ago, we saw Triple H saying that this feud is boring as one on one, making it a triple threat match would be best for business. It actually would have been best for business, but never mind, let us be happy with what we have, and let us expect to have the best out of this match. We predict Brock Lesnar would win the match.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins – Arguably, the best storyline of this event is the storyline of Seth Rollins – Roman Reigns feud. People are really looking forward at this match as well. But adding this match on last week’s Monday Night Raw was, I think one of the worst things I have ever seen in WWE. These two athletes were about to fight for the first time in this event, and they made them on Monday Night Raw just before the event? And not only they added the match, they ruined it by giving Roman Reigns an easy victory. So what exactly was the point of this match at Night of Champions if they wrestled just before the night? One thing I must say, if Reigns come out with the victory at Night of Champions too, it would be a terrible result. Roman Reigns is getting terribly overrated, he is definitely a good wrestler, but this is way too much. Our prediction goes in favor of Seth Rollins. Because if Reigns wins again, it would be hideous.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho – Another good match that has been added to the card is Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho. But the point of the feud is not cleared. Why did Randy Orton actually attack Chris Jericho? Just to make a statement? But why Jericho? Randy Orton won the World title more times than Jericho, Orton is more successful than Jericho from every angle, so why Jericho? The feud makes absolutely no sense. But we are expecting to see a good match at Night of Champions. These two athletes had a number of feuds between each other, but unfortunately, the latest one looks the weakest among all. If WWE had a plan of continuing this feud for a while more, they had to add a storyline to make things interesting, without a decent storyline, even these two world class wrestlers would not be able to make things interesting. We predict Chris Jericho would win this match.

Mark Henry vs. Rusev – Feuds of Rusev are somehow not being able to attract a good number of fans. They all look quite similar to each other. Since Rusev debuted, he feuded with five superstars, his first feud was with R Truth and Xavier Woods, followed by Big EJack Swagger and now the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. In all cases, the storyline remained same, Rusev and his manager Lana come out to disrespect United States of America, American wrestlers come out to answer him, and one by one everyone fails. Even the gimmick of Rusev does not seem very unique. Such a gimmick was already carried by Muhammad HassanVladimir Kozlov and Umaga before. I seriously doubt if Rusev would be able to continue successful winning run for long. I do not see enough fans are excited about this Bulgarian wrestler. Now let us talk about the feud between Mark Henry and Rusev. Unlike Rusev’s other feuds, this one would not long more than a couple of months unless they do something very interesting. We think Rusev would snatch the victory from this match.

WWE Intercontinental championship – Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz – The feud between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler looks a little interesting. It might not been following an excellent storyline, but it is somehow quite interesting to see. After the addition of Damien ‘Mizdow’ and R ‘Ziggler’ it looks a little better. However, we feel sorry for both R Truth and Damien Sandow that they have to do such terribly wrong undercard roles. R Truth was the first World champion of TNA, I do not think he came to WWE to perform such awful roles, it is complete misuse of a talent. And about Sandow, we all know that it is just a punishment for him. He is quite a good superstar, and his mic skill is really good, his mic skill is certainly better than a number of main eventers right now. It does not feel good to see these two athletes performing such roles. Since this feud looks a little interesting, I think they should let it go for another month. We think miz is going to win the championship back in this match.

WWE United States Championship – Sheamus vs. Cesaro – Cesaro was having a good push during the first half of this year. But suddenly, he was also forced to become a mid card. Cesaro is quite a good wrestler, if they utilize him correctly, he can become a top star. This Sunday at Night of Champions, Cesaro is going to face Sheamus for the United States championship. Without any doubt, it would be a very good match. This is another feud which does not follow any decent storyline, still looks interesting. We think a change in Sheamus’ gimmick is needed. The Celtic Warrior was a good heel in his early career, and we believe WWE should consider him turning heel again. About this feud, we think it should go on for a month or a couple. A little difficult to predict, but we think Cesaro would become the new champion.

WWE Tag Team Championship – The Usos vs. Goldust and Stardust – The Usos are going to defend their tag team championships against Goldust and Stardust. We are quite confused with this heel turn of Goldust and Stardust. We think their gimmick is not suitable for heel, they were better as face. And since performing a heel role, we do not see them doing much heel moves. Well, if you consider their illegal attack on the Usos, that was the incident that had been used to turn them heel, and since they have turned heel, let them be it. About this feud, we think it should go on for a while, and we would be expecting to see some special rules matches between these two teams in future, like a ladder match, a tag team ladder match is very rarely seen these days. We think Goldust and Stardust would become new champion.

The Divas’ championship match looks really interesting. As they included the storyline of the Bella Twins in it, it now looks more exciting. Before we talk about this match, we must talk about the improvement of Nikki Bella. I personally never liked Nikki Bella, but since she turned on her own sister, she has improved a lot, her mic skill, wrestling skill, everything looks better than before. Now about this match, the feud between Paige and AJ Lee was going really well, but if they faced each other one on one again, I seriously if it would remain attractive as before. So it was a good decision to include Nikki Bella in this match. We think Nikki Bella would win this match and become new champion. After the event, Paige and AJ Lee might continue their feud as just a non title feud and Nikki would feud her sister Brie Bella for the championship.


Image Courtesy: WWE.com

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