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WWE Night of Champions Review 

Night of Champions had overall been a good pay per view event. There were not enough high expectations from this event but somehow it was okay. We cannot say that it was an event of a lifetime though. It might have been like just another pay per view event, but still, it was worth watching. It looks like none of the feuds came into any conclusion after this event, some just started through it. So what actually happened in this event? Let us talk about all the matches individually;

Goldust and Stardust vs. The Usos had been an excellent match to start things off. Goldust and Stardust won their second tag team title gold together. These two athletes defeated Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins last year to win their first tag team championship titles. This is the first title for Cody Rhodes in his new Stardust gimmick. These two brothers can become a huge deal in WWE, and we believe they should continue working as a tag team in future too. Currently, we do not have enough tag teams in hand, and the tag team of Goldust and Stardust is really very impressive. So just like I said, they should keep working as a tag team. And talking about the Usos, they had quite a good run for the tag team championship titles, they rightfully deserved it too. It does not matter that they lost the title since Goldust and Stardust also deserved to win it. We hope to see a decent continuation of this feud since it looks quite interesting so far, and we hope the next time these two athletes fight, a stipulation is added. Stardust picked up the victory with a School Boy pin for his side and to win the gold.

Another great match was Sheamus vs. Cesaro and it can be a very good addition for any pay per view event. This is might not be the first match of these two athletes but certainly the first match of this feud, so expectations were somehow quite high from this championship match. Both performers performed really well, Cesaro was somehow a little better of the two. It was a balanced contest where both superstars wrestled in equal chanced battle, just the United States champion came out with the victory. About the continuation of this feud, we think it should go on a couple of months more. Definitely, these two athletes are managing things quite good, in the next pay per view event these two athletes should battle in another regular one on one match, if they think the feud is needed to be continued, they can add a stipulation in the last match of this feud to end things off. This feud can be won by anyone, both superstars somehow deserves the title, Cesaro did a marvelous job in WWE so far so he deserves the title and Sheamus on the other hand deserves the title reign too. So it does not matter which superstar at the end keeps the championship. Sheamus won this match after he pinned Cesaro with the Brogue Kick.

Three back to back pay per view events and three back to back title changes between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler, something that is not really common in nowadays’ WWE. Unlike the previous match between these two individuals, this match was quite a good one too, I say, this match was somehow a little better than their match from Summerslam. By handing the title back to Miz they did some great jobs, first of all, Miz deserved the championship and he did not deserve to lose the championship so fast like he lost it last month on Summerslam. On the other hand, Ziggler deserved the championship too, he had been a jobber since over a year now. So by letting Ziggler win the championship at Summerslam, and in the very next month let Miz winning the championship back, they did two good things; first, Miz got two championship runs, something more than he deserved, and second, Ziggler got a title run too. So it is indeed a very good idea to give the title back to Miz again, and if you consider by current happenings of WWE, it remained quite unpredictable too. We hope to see the continuation of this feud for at least another month because it looks really interesting. Next time, they should battle in a stipulated match.

Seth Rollins defeated Roman Reigns by forfeit. It was told that Roman Reigns was in the hospital and could not compete but Reigns was scheduled to face Rollins in the event, so Rollins was declared the winner by forfeit. Reigns might be gone but somebody else is back. What actually happened? Here it is as followed;

Rollins said that it was amazing to see how life worked sometimes, it was just crazy. On one minute you were on top of the World and on the very next minute, you were Roman Reigns. His former brother and Shield partner Roman Reigns scheduled to be in the arena to meet Seth Rollins in a one on one contest. But yesterday he was hereby that Roman Reigns was rushed to a hospital in the Nashville; on the same city where the show was taking place.

Seth Rollins continued as he said that emergency, Surgery, these were no excuse of not showing up on the show tonight. But on the interest fairness and on the interest of justice, he would like to give Roman Reigns a chance, he would like to give Roman Reigns ten seconds to appear and face him. Otherwise he would accept Roman Reigns’ forfeit and he would get his hand raised in victory.

Rollins wanted the referee to ring the bell. The bell was rang and the referee made ten count but nobody appeared. It had been announced that Seth Rollins won the match by the result of a forfeit. Seth Rollins said that it was not official till referee raised his hand. The referee raised Rollins’ hand.

Rollins said that he could understand that the fans wanted to see him compete and they were disappointed. Rollins said that he was disappointed too, but he was disappointed in Roman Reigns. He was disappointed because Reigns was not the man enough he thought, he was not man enough to face him on that night.

Rollins said that luckily he was an opportunist as he showed his contract and the authority was all about providing opportunity. So he made an open challenge, because that was the kind of guy he was. He made an open challenge to anyone in the locker who wanted to come out to the arena and fight him.

Seth Rollins waited for a while. It appeared on the big screen that a taxy parked in the backstage and Dean Ambrose came out of it. Seth Rollins was shocked to see Dean Ambrose coming out. Dean Amrbsoe came out to the arena and broke into a fight with Seth Rollins. Ambrose took Reigns to the audience. They had a massive fight, as they came to the ring again, the officials came out to separate them. They bounded Dean Ambrose and took him away. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was there too and Rollins left the arena along with them.

Mark Henry vs. Rusev was the most predictable match of the night. Since Rusev is battling the mid cards it is quite obvious that WWE will provide the victory to their ‘Bulgarian Super Athlete’. I cannot say if it was a great match, for me it was a total average match. Rusev performed just like the way he always does. Mark Henry was not bad either. But you know, predictable can never be interesting, unless it is Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. Undoubtedly, this feud would continue for another month or so. But after all the hypes it was given, I do not think a submission victory was justified. So it does not really matter if the feud continues or not, it is quite obvious that Rusev was going to be provided the victory in the every occasion.

Match 6 – Randy Orton defeated Chris Jericho – It was a good match but somehow, it was not up to the expectations. Yes, expectations were quite high from this match since both of these athletes were veterans, both are former world champions, so quite obviously, we would expect a big time match from these two world class athletes. If you keep in mind their previous matches the expectations easily climbs really high. I would not say that it was not a good match, it was just not up to the expectations. Randy Orton won this match clean. But since this was the first match of their latest feud, we can live with whatever they provided. It seems like this feud is going to continue for a while more and we hope that better matches are waiting in future between these two former World Champions. As far as we are concerned, Hell in a Cell in the next pay per view event, so a Hell in a Cell match between these two athletes would an excellent match. Randy Orton won this match with an RKO, Jericho attempted a Double Axe Handle from on top of the rope which Orton reversed into the RKO and pinned Jericho for the victory.

WWE Divas championship match was seriously an amazing match, this was one of the best diva matches I have seen in the recent days. I never expected such an excellent match since a diva match does not lasts for a maximum time of five or six minutes, but this match lasted for over ten minutes and my god, it was a hell of a match. Nikki Bella was surprisingly pretty good in this match, Paige was also great, she is a tremendous wrestler and one of the best divas WWE ever had. AJ Lee was the best performer of this match without any doubt. But unfortunately, it looks like the feud between Paige and AJ Lee is over here. We believe it should go on for a while more. On the other hand, Nikki Bella should on continue her feud with her sister Brie Bella. The feud between AJ Lee and Paige should continue till WrestleMania 31, it has been one of the best diva feuds we have ever seen. AJ Lee made Paige tap out with the Black Widow submission maneuver to win this match.

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena was a way better match than the one from Summerslam. Cena wrestled way better and guess what, he hit four Attitude Adjustments on Brock Lesnar. The match actually went to disqualification because Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins interfered during the match and attacked John Cena, which was why the referee had to call for the bell. Seth Rollins attempted to cash in his contract but Cena blocked him and Rollins had to escape. Overall, the match was quite good, and it looked like Cena going to take the pin fall victory. Lesnar, however, dominated in most of the time in this match. But like I said, Cena gave a great fight in this match and it looked like Cena was going to get the title. Since the match went to disqualification, we think this feud would continue for a while more. And we hope to see stipulated match when these two athletes fight each other next time, maybe a Hell in a Cell match since the event would be Hell in a Cell.


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