Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins came out to the arena first for this much awaited contest, Rollins looked quite confident. He grabbed a mic as the fans started chanting ‘You Sold Out’. He stared at the crowd for a while and started things off on the mic.

Rollins said that it was amazing to see how life worked sometimes, it was just crazy. On one minute you were on top of the World and on the very next minute, you were Roman Reigns. His former brother and Shield partner Roman Reigns scheduled to be in the arena to meet Seth Rollins in a one on one contest. But yesterday he was hereby that Roman Reigns was rushed to a hospital in the Nashville; on the same city where the show was taking place.

Seth Rollins continued as he said that emergency, Surgery, these were no excuse of not showing up on the show tonight. But on the interest fairness and on the interest of justice, he would like to give Roman Reigns a chance, he would like to give Roman Reigns ten seconds to appear and face him. Otherwise he would accept Roman Reigns’ forfeit and he would get his hand raised in victory.

Rollins wanted the referee to ring the bell. The bell was rang and the referee made ten count but nobody appeared. It had been announced that Seth Rollins won the match by the result of a forfeit. Seth Rollins said that it was not official till referee raised his hand. The referee raised Rollins’ hand.

Rollins said that he could understand that the fans wanted to see him compete and they were disappointed. Rollins said that he was disappointed too, but he was disappointed in Roman Reigns. He was disappointed because Reigns was not the man enough he thought, he was not man enough to face him on that night.

Rollins said that luckily he was an opportunist as he showed his contract and the authority was all about providing opportunity. So he made an open challenge, because that was the kind of guy he was. He made an open challenge to anyone in the locker who wanted to come out to the arena and fight him.

Seth Rollins waited for a while. It appeared on the big screen that a taxy parked in the backstage and Dean Ambrose came out of it. Seth Rollins was shocked to see Dean Ambrose coming out. Dean Amrbsoe came out to the arena and broke into a fight with Seth Rollins. Ambrose took Reigns to the audience. They had a massive fight, as they came to the ring again, the officials came out to separate them. They bounded Dean Ambrose and took him away. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was there too and Rollins left the arena along with them.

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