WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena came out to the arena. The fans booed him badly as they always did. Cena started in the way of Paul Heyman; ‘Ladies and gentleman my name is John Cena’. In six days he would be conquered by Brrrrrock Lllllesnar. He mocked Paul Heyman which was really funny. This Sunday, there would be pain and punishment, this Sunday Brock Lesnar would deliver the beating of a lifetime. This Sunday, there was one thing that Brock Lesnar would not do; Win. This Sunday Brock Lesnar was not going to win, because to win he had to make Cena lose and he was not lying down for Brock Lesnar. He said that Brock Lesnar did not deserve the championship.

He said that he was not unbeatable. One day, he would definitely lose the championship, but it would not be this Sunday and certainly not to Brock Lesnar. He did not like the guy. He was arrogant, he was a bully, he did not give a damn about anyone but himself. He was the most difficult, selfish person to step foot into the ring and every superstar knew that.

He continued saying that Brock Lesnar did not deserve the WWE World Heavyweight championship. He had been here since a long time and he shared a lot of great moments with the fans. He has heard the cheers, he has heard the boos, he had been told that he could not wrestle (the fans started chanting ‘You Can’t Wrestle), he has heard ‘Let’s Go Cena, he has heard ‘Cena Sucks’ (the fans started chanting ‘Cena Sucks’).

Still came he came out every week with a smile on his face. There was a group of fans that asked a question every week when would John Cena turn, when would John Cena say enough was enough, when would John Cena finally stop wearing T Shirts, caps, wrist bands, when would John Cena unleash hell. This Sunday he would face a beast, and to fight a beast, he had to become one. So this Sunday the fans would get their wish, this Sunday they see a Cena which they were not proud of, a John Cena they have never seen before, but a John Cena necessary to keep the title away from Brock Lesnar.

He said that Brock Lesnar did not deserve this title because he believed that this was his house and the fans belonged to him. And the title did not stand for that. This house would always belong to the fans. He addressed brock Lesnar and said if this was his house, then a stranger standing in his living room, he wanted to try to kick him out. Nobody came out as Cena said that they might be interrupting them in the dinner. He kept provoking Lesnar, but nobody appeared. The fans started chanting ‘Cena’ (well, this speech was seriously great, everyone should appreciate it). He said that Paul Heyman wanted a reply so he replied, Sunday he would conquer the conqueror, this Sunday, he would be the one who beat the one. This Sunday the Champ would be there.


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