Footage from last week was shown where the authority vowed good bye to the WWE Universe. Stephanie said that team would have won easily, but they could not because of one man. One man who never stepped in a WWE ring, one man who in one night changed the entire face of WWE history forever, and that man was of course Sting. The fans cheered really loud to hear the name of Sting. She said that because of him the authority was out of power, and because of her father; the chairman and CEO of WWE, only person who could rehire the authority was John Cena. But they stood before them on that night not as losers, but as leaders, as winners, because at the end of the day they still had their corporate responsibilities. They might not have any influence over the lives of the WWE Superstars and Divas but they still have each other.

Triple h said He asked who was going to make those decisions on their behalf now, was it going to be John Cena, was it going to be Dolph Ziggler, or was it Sting. Triple H said that Sting made a big mistake by involving his painted face on their business, it might be a tempt of standing with Triple H on the same ring with thirty seconds to make his career relevant somehow. But whatever it was, it would be a matter, because ironically, his first night in a WWE ring was his last night in a WWE ring because the fans thought the authority might not be in power, what they really did was ensuring the demise of the WWE, when the authority would be in power again, they would make things better. They had a greater responsibility than them. They cheered for team Cena, and stood against the authority because they had that luxury of not knowing what they knew, that the things they did for all of them was seemingly cruel and sadistic or what it took to make the WWE thrive. He wanted the fans to cheer because the authority was going to leave now. He wanted them to mark his words, they would beg for them to come back.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon attempted to leave the ring. Daniel Bryan’s music hit and the former WWE World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan came out to the arena. He came out to the ring doing the ‘yes’ chant with the fans. They went near Triple H and started chanting ‘yes.’ Then he went near to Stephanie McMahon and did the same thing. The fans were going totally wild as they joined Daniel Bryan. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon left the ring, Bryan followed them back again he chanted ‘yes’ on their face to irritate them. He first did it on the face of Triple H and then he did it in front of Stephanie McMahon. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon remained quiet, and swallowed all the embarrassments as they left the arena slowly.

Daniel Bryan went back to the ring and said he was put in charge running Monday Night Raw. Team Authority; Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Luke Harper, Mark Henry, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury came out to the arena. Bryan told them that he was not a spikeful man, they were not going to strip anyone of them from their titles, they were not going to put them in any unfair match, he was a fair man, and he would prove it. He made some curious decisions for the team authority member, putting Seth Rollins in a handicap match, making Kane a laughing stock, and some other decisions for the other members.

On the main event of the show John Cena and Doph Ziggler defeated Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Seth Rollins in a three on two handicap match. 93% of fans voted for J & J security. Dolph Ziggler and John Cena both pinned Noble and Mercury after their finishers. Seth Rollins tried to avoid them but Bryan came in and put him back into the ring, Ziggler and Cena beat him down. As they started celebrating, the anonymous Raw general manager returns with the annoying blinking sound. Michael Cole announced that anonymous general manager quoted ‘ Next week ordering disciplines returns to Monday Night Raw.’

The show started as an email was received from the anonymous Raw general manager. Michael Cole went on to read it. The anonymous Raw general manager said that he was back and he was not happy. With the authority is out of power, the company needs a strong leader. WWE needed him, he could not let WWE resting in the hands of washed up superstars. Therefore, he made a number of announcements.

Before Michael Cole could unveil the announcements, John Cena came out to the arena. Cena entered the ring and he said that Raw was being ran by the anonymous Raw general manager on that night. Cena said that he did not like anything about the anonymous Raw general manager. He said that both their anonymous Raw general manager and their champion John Cena had one thing in common, they both showed up once a year. But Cena was there on that night and the authority was not because they were never coming back.

John Cena mentioned the Big Show who betrayed his team. Triple H tried to temp out his team and tried everything he could to stop his team but he could not because their jobs and everything were on the line and that night they showed what a WWE superstar was all about.

The anonymous Raw general manager interfered with his blinking sound. Cena went near the device, Cole moved apart. Cena said that he would not let a faceless and heartless computer ruin their Survivor Series victory and closed the devise.

Seth Rollins came out to the arena. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury also came out with him. Rollins entered the ring and tried to insult Cena. Rollins said that Cena was really good at taking credit, taking credit of things that he did not do. Cena did not win anything at Survivor Series, he reminded that Rollins eliminated Cena. He would have been the sole survivor for the authority but could not happen because of one man; Sting.

Cena reminded that one man from team Cena almost eliminated the entire authority single handedly and that man was Dolph Ziggler and he was here to give credit to Ziggler. Rollins said that he was there for these things, he had a question, he asked if the WWE was really better than the authority. Last week Daniel Bryan took over and who be this week, could it be JBL, or would it be Batista, or it might be Eric Bischoff. He said that every single week it would be a guessing game.

Rollins said that every week Cena came out and said that it was the show of the fans, and every week he said that what was best for them. But what was best for them was best for Cena and also best for business. At this point Cena had no choice but to bring the authority back.

Cena said that Rollins was not throwing orders, the authority was gone and they were not coming back. He was now like all of the others, he could not throw orders. Cena had the the powers and only he could bring the authority back. Rollins wanted him to do the right thing. Cena wanted Rollins to ask him nicely. Rollins waited for a while and tried to sound nice, Cena wanted him to get on his knees. The anonymous Raw general manager blinked. Cole read the announcement, Cena and Rollins would meet one on one at TLC pay per view event in a tables match where if Cena lost, he would no longer be the no 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

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