Roman Reigns came out through the crowd for the first contest of the night. Kane came out in his corporate gimmick after Reigns’ entrance. Kane said that it was his pleasure to be out there once again as the director of operations for the authority. He addressed Reigns and said that last week in his match against Kane, he emerged to come out victorious, that was like almost beating two men. So six days before he faced Randy Orton, the authority actually wanted to see how he faced two men. RybAxel came out for the contest.

Roman Reigns defeated RybAxel by disqualification. RybAxel had no interest of winning the game, they just wanted to hurt Reigns. They kept the illegal beating going on so the referee had no option but to call fall for the bell. Reigns fought back soon and beat down Ryback and Curtis Axel badly.

After the fight, Renee Young came out to interview Roman Reigns. She asked his feelings on facing Randy Orton at Summerslam. He asked the fans if he looked like he was ready. The fans responded in a positive tone. He admitted that Randy Orton got him two weeks ago and beat him down. Randy Orton stole something from him that night. He never had stolen anything from Randy Orton. But this Sunday at Summerslam, he would be stealing everything away from Randy Orton. What was a viper when its fangs were knocked down on his throat, a worthless little worm and he wanted the fans to believe that.

Backstage Randy Orton confronted Kane where he said that Roman Reigns said that he was not afraid of the viper. He founded it funny after what he did to him two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw. Curtis Axel and Ryback could not get the job done now. The so called demon could not get the job done last week on Monday Night Raw either. But at Summerslam, he wanted Kane to mark his words, he would end Roman Reigns. Orton stepped to leave, Kane stopped him, he said that his match against Roman Reigns at Summerslam would be one of the biggest challenges of his career, and the authority wanted to make sure if he was ready. They decided to put him in a match against the WWE United States champion Sheamus which was best for business. Randy Orton said that it was fine.



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