WWE Raw 11/8/14 – Recap Part 1

Jeet / 13 August 2014

The show started as it was announced that Hulk Hogan would be celebrating his birthday later on the night. Brock Lesnar along with Paul Heyman came out to the arena for the first segment of the night. The fans booed him thoroughly. Paul Heyman started in his usual manner as he always said; “Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman, and in six days I will be the advocate for the reigning, defeating WWE Heavyweight champion of the World, Brrrrrock Lllllesnar!”

Paul Heyman continued as he said that he needed to educate the WWE fans on a certain occasions. He wanted to know what he did in Monday Night Raw, he sold him on major events. He came out to the arena and explain to the fans that the history making beating that John Cena was going to suffer in the following Sunday at Summerslam pay per view event.

His client wanted him to come out to the arena on that night to sell Summerslam to the Cenation. Brock Lesnar wanted to address the fans of John Cena, because bad things happened to the good people when they step into the ring with Brock Lesnar. He wanted those who did not learn from history to understand that were doomed to repeated to which he offered them to see the historical perspective of Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker.

A Number of photos from WrestleMania XXX was shown which showed Undertaker’s defeat to Brock Lesnar at the event. Paul Heyman continued saying that his client Brock Lesnar conquered the undefeated streak of the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX. He said that he told everyone before the event that this (he showed some of the reaction of the fans on the screen) would be the look of shock on everyone’s face when Brock Lesnar drove the Undertaker down into the canvas and put the streak out of the conqueror’s misery.

If there was any fan of Brock Lesnar they might remember when Brock Lesnar was a rookie he got his hands on a man called Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), and if there was any fan of the Rock, they might have remember that after losing that match, The Rock did not show up for nearly six to eight months. When Brock Lesnar was a rookie he got his hands on a man called Hulk Hogan. And when Brock Lesnar got his hands on Hulk Hogan, no Hulkamaniac could see Hulk Hogan for at least one year and if Hulk Hogan came out to take his revenge on Brock Lesnar then there would be no birthday celebration on that night.

Now stood John Cena, this was their message to the Cenation; if there were any fan of John Cena around there, he requested them not to miss Summerslam because when John Cena came out there and said ‘You Can’t see me’, he would not be lying, because after this sumday when Brock Lesnar would face John Cena, they were not going to see John Cena around there anymore.

His client has got his hands on John Cena and he offered another historical slideshow perspective which was shown on the big screen. On Extreme Rules, 2012, his client Brock Lesnar got his hands on John Cena where john Cena admittedly won the match but even John Cena would tell them that he lost the fight and the beating he received from Lesnar was something that needed to be addressed because after the event, Brock would never make any excuse as he would force a beating on John Cena that Cena would be able to recover from. This Sunday at Summerslam the beating that John Cena was going to receive would be a matter of tragedy.

John Cena was a fifteen times champion, and he loved to have his fun but not at Brock Lesnar’s expense. He wanted to school John Cena as he said that no one hip hop like him, neither anyone could dance like him. His client was the conqueror, he was just Brock Lesnar’s advocating person. On the 17th of August, his client Brock Lesnar would take the WWE World Heavyweight championship away from John Cena. Cena might think that he would be able to beat down Brock Lesnar like other Paul Heyman guys, and he was doctor of the thugs, as he beat all the bests but as Lesnar was in his plate now, he could say that his time is now.

He gave some free advice for Summerslam to those who say the champ was there, in six days at the biggest party of the summer, his client Brock Lesnar would conquer the fifteen times former world champion John Cena.

Heyman stepped to leave the ring, but Lesnar wanted him to take mic again. Heyman did and said that he almost forgot that his client wished them to know that at this moment, this would Brock Lesnar’s house now. On Sunday, it would be Brock Lesnar’s title but in the meantime, his client had already conquered the WWE Universe which made all of the fans Brock’s servants, this was Brock’s house, this ring was Brock’s home, and if they excuse him, he would like to take the man of the house out to dinner, they did understand that John Cena had something to say, a huge celebration of Hulk Hogan’s birthday was there. He warned the fans not to get this party out of the hand because when the man of the dinner was over with his dinner, he would be coming back home.

Roman Reigns came out through the crowd for the first contest of the night. Kane came out in his corporate gimmick after Reigns’ entrance. Kane said that it was his pleasure to be out there once again as the director of operations for the authority. He addressed Reigns and said that last week in his match against Kane, he emerged to come out victorious, that was like almost beating two men. So six days before he faced Randy Orton, the authority actually wanted to see how he faced two men. RybAxel came out for the contest.

Match 1 – Roman Reigns defeated RybAxel by disqualification. RybAxel had no interest of winning the game, they just wanted to hurt Reigns. They kept the illegal beating going on so the referee had no option but to call fall for the bell. Reigns fought back soon and beat down Ryback and Curtis Axel badly.

After the fight, Renee Young came out to interview Roman Reigns. She asked his feelings on facing Randy Orton at Summerslam. He asked the fans if he looked like he was reay. The fans responded in a positive tone. He admitted that Randy Orton got him two weeks ago and beat him down. Randy Orton stole something from him that night. He never had stolen anything from Randy Orton. But this Sumday at Summerslam, he would be stealing everything away from Randy Orton. What was a viper when its fangs were knocked down on his throat, a worthless little worm and he wanted the fans to believe that.

Backstage Randy Orton confronted Kane where he said that Roman Reigns said that he was not afraid of the viper. He founded it funny after what he did to him two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw. Curtis Axel and Ryback could not get the job done now. The so called demon could not get the job done last week on Monday Night Raw either. But at Summerslam, he wanted Kane to mark his words, he would end Roman Reigns. Orton stepped to leave, Kane stopped  him, he said that his match against Roman Reigns at Summerslam would be one of the biggest challenges of his career, and the authority wanted to make sure if he was ready. They decided to put him in a match against the WWE United States champion Sheamus which was best for business. Randy Orton said that it was fine.

Match 2 – Seth Rollins defeated Rob Van Dam. Good match. The match was organized because Seth Rollins was scheduled to face Rob Van Dam last week on Monday Night Raw in the beat the clock challenge but later, Van Dam was replaced by Heath Slater. Seth Rollins pinned Rob Van Dam with the Curb Stomp. As Seth Rollins was leaving the ring after the match, he was attacked by Dean Ambrose near the entrance stage. Seth Rollins escaped through the crowd. Dean Ambrose grabbed a mic and told Seth Rollins to run as much as he could, but there would be no hiding in the Lumber Jack match at six days, and for just $9.99, he would show him his real place.

Stephanie McMahon came out as she was told to apologize to Brie Bella. Last week’s contract signing incident was shown where Brie Bella and Nikki Bella were beaten down by Stephanie McMahon. She started things of by saying that it was her mission as a principal owner of WWE, it was her mission to always do what best for business was for the WWE Universe which included all the WWE fans and the WWE Superstars and divas. And sometimes, they received information that could negatively impact one of their employee’s lives and they were faced with the unfortunate task of intervening and that was exactly what was going to happen on that night.

Most of the fans were aware of the fact that Daniel Bryan went through surgeries a number of months ago and since then he was aggressively rehabbing and trying to get back into the action. So she would like to address woman who had been helping him in this recovery, Daniel Bryan’s physical therapist Megan Miller. A beautiful young lady came out to the ring from the crowd.

Stephanie McMahon requested Megan to confess what she wanted to. Megan took her time before she finally spoke up. She said that Daniel and Brie are good people, she and boyfriend had dinner with them a several times. She really tried hard to make sure Daniel could get back into the ring. Daniel Bryan was such an inspiration to the WWE. Stephanie McMahon wantedher go on in spite she accepted that it was difficult to say. Megan burst into tears before she could finish.

Somehow she continued by saying that her boyfriend because of this reason and she did not want to be his physical therapist anymore. Stephanie asked why she could not be his physical therapist anymore. Megan said that it all happened so innocently, she could do nothing. Stephanie told her to take a deep breath and asked what happened. She finally confessed that she had been having an affair with Daniel Bryan. The fans booed to hear this thoroughly.

….. Concluded in the next part

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