The show started as Dean Ambrose came out to the arena. Ambrose entered the arena and said that there would be nothing more in the world that he would love more than losing himself inside the Hell in a Cell with Seth Rollins. There would be just Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins inside that dangerous Cell, so that Dean could beat Seth so bad so Seth could never forget the name of Dean Ambrose.

Before Dean Ambrose wet inside the Cell, there was someone else whom he had to deal with first, someone who was really pissing him off who was a former fifteen times world champion, but it would be a little matter for him to deal with, he would deal with John Cena first in a No Holds Barred contest. He said that he would no problem with beating John Cena up just like he beat up Cena last week on Monday Night Raw, and at the Smackdown he did the same to Dean as well.

Dean said that it was quite cleared that the authority wanted John Cena and Dean Ambrose to tear each other up to protect Seth Rollins. But nothing mattered to him, at Hell in a Cell, he would beat down John Cena and grab the contract out of the pole to beat Seth Rollins down. Then he would beat Seth Rollins’ head like a basketball and there was nothing the authority or John Cena could do about it.

John Cena came out to the arena. Cena entered the ring and said that Dean Ambrose needed to relax because the match between Dean Ambrose and John Cena had been made, and this was such a match that the fans wanted to see and who got the chance to get his hands on Seth Rollins finally.

Cena asked Dean why would Dean came out here to talk trash, did he want Cena to come out and leave him unconscious again. Dean might walk out of the ring, or he might not. Cena gave Dean Ambrose a suggestion, he wanted Dean to shut up and got prepared for the biggest match of his career which would occur in two weeks.

Dean Ambrose said that he was ready to kick Cena’s a** hard, so he did not need any suggestions from Cena. Cena did not have to act like that he cared for Dean. Cena answered if Dean tried to get his hands on Cena this time, he would see why he actually was a fifteen times world champion.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena. Triple H wanted them to go slow since they had a No Holds Barred contract on a pole match at Hell in a Cell. Stephanie McMahon made a triple threat tag team action for the night, where Cena and Ambrose would face the Usos and the tag team champions Gold and Stardust. Triple H and Stephanie settled a bet between each other that these two athletes would not be able to compete without fighting each other.


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