The show started as the WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena entered the arena for the first segment of the night, the fans badly booed him. The main event of the night was announced which was a six man tag team match where WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose would be on one side and Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins would be on the other side.

John Cena took the mic and he started things off by saying addressing the local fans and said now when they knew what the main event was, the champ was there. The fans thoroughly booed him. Still, Cena praised the crowd and said they were ready for Raw. He said that they were six nights away from Battleground and he wanted the fans to sign up in the WWE Network , he pointed to the WWE World Heavyweight championship and said that he wanted fans to sign in into the WWE Network was because of this.

He gave the reason that in six days at Battleground the champ might not remain there. The authority put him in a fatal four way where he would square off against Kane, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. And in a fatal four way match, the first superstar to get the pin fall or submission victory would be declared as the champion, basically, he did not have to pinned to lose the championship.

Roman Reigns came out, he came out through the crowd as he always did. The fans cheered for him. Roman Reigns entered the ring and enjoyed the crowd reaction for a while.

John Cena said since the local crowd was cheering for him, he introduced his name; Roman Reigns. Ironically, they were partners on that night, but they would face off at Sunday. Cena thanked Reigns for last week’s help. Cena said that at Sunday everybody would be for themselves and they had to make it till the Sunday. The authority screwed him before.

Cena said that they need to handle the authority on that night. He wanted to see if Reigns was as good as he looked. Reigns said that Cena was right, they should drive Kane and Orton out because after that, it would remain between only two of them, he also wanted to see if Cena was as good as Cena thought he was.

Dean Ambrose interrupted the two as he appeared on the backstage. He said that he did not understand all that dances that were going on between Cena and Reigns, but they were not dancing on that night, they would have a six man tag team match against Kane, Randy Orton and ‘Triple H’s little bad boy’ Seth Rollins. He said that he had a plan on that night which was ‘operation screw the authority’. It would only start they would stop arguing that got together against them.

Kane and Seth Rollins were seen standing behind Dean Ambrose. They attacked Dean, Randy Orton also came out. Dean tried to fight them but they beat him down. Dean was badly beaten by the three which left the question would he be able to make it till the six man tag team match on the main event of the show?

WWE United Stated champion Sheamus came out for the first contest of the night. The Miz followed him behind. Miz said that at the Sunday at Battleground pay per view event on WWE Network, he would be entering into the WWE Intercontinental championship Battle Royal to become the new WWE Intercontinental champion. Because it only made sense that a movie start someone that was adored all over the world become champion. His goal on that night was the most important goal, was to keep that Brogue kick (he pointed to Sheamus) away from WWE’s most important asset; the money maker and he pointed to his face. And there was a special part for his legion of fans, his money making face would be on the big screen for the rest of the match as Miz’s face appeared on the big screen. He wanted the fans to enjoy it.

Match 1 – The Miz defeated WWE United States championship in a non-title match. Good match, Sheamus attempted the Brogue kick which Miz countered into a sudden back pin.

Backstage Kane, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins looked discussing about their match later on that night. Orton said that nobody would be able to stop him from walking out from the Battleground as the champion. Kane said that he might walk out as the champion as well. He said that he got his back as long he got his. Orton asked if he was saying that Orton could trust Kane as long as Kane could trust Orton. Triple H appeared from the side and said that they both have got to trust each other because he did. He said that what was important on this Sunday at Battleground the WWE World Heavyweight championship coming back to the authority. And before Sunday, they had to take care of the business they were given, and for that they have got to keep the trust. As Randy Orton and Kane departed, Stephanie McMahon came out to Triple H and they kissed each other.

Match 2 – Dolph Ziggler defeated Fandango. Summer Rae and Layla were both on Ziggler’s side who created distraction for Fandango and Ziggler took the advantage of the situation with the Fameasser. After the match, Summer Rae and Layla danced with Ziggler to make Fandango jealous.

WWE Tag Team champions The Usos were coming out for the next contest but the Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Eric Rowan) attacked them from behind and beat them down.

Next was the United States – Russia Détente between Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger & Lana and Rusev. The segment was not enough important so we are going into the conclusion straight. They broke up into a fight at the end. As Rusev attempted to hit the Super Kick, Swagger locked him into the Patriot Lock. Rusev somehow got out the lock and escaped the arena.

Backstage John Cena met Roman Reigns in the dressing room. Cena said that as Ambrose was out of the matches, it was obvious that it would now be a three on two handicap match. He said that before Sunday they needed to settle down things on that night before.

Match 3 – Alberto Del Rio defeated Rob Van Dam via submission. Good match, Alberto Del Rio countered Rob Van Dam’s five star frog splash into the Cross Arm Bar and forced Van Dam to submit.

A stunning thing was shown next. An exclusive documentary of CM Punk would be shown on WWE Network. He was not a part of WWE anymore right? So what is the point of making these documentaries and stuffs?

Nikki Bella came out for the next contest. Stephanie McMahon came out next and said she felt bad to see her alone in the ring again and again. Nikki must have also feel abused by it. She felt sorry for her because when her sister Brie quit she abandoned her. When Brie married Daniel Bryan and quit WWE, not only she abandoned her career she also left her own flesh and blood; her sister, her best friend. And now Nikki was left to suffer the consequences. A tag team match was scheduled for this competition but instead she had to go alone again. Stephanie requested her not to blame her, she wanted her to look inside, the person she needed to blame was her sister.

Match 4 – Alicia Fox and Cameron defeated Nikki Bella in a two on one handicap match. Alicia Fox pinned Nikki Bella with a new type of face first.

Backstage Randy Orton met Triple H. Orton said that he needed to talk to him about Kane. Triple H said that both of them were on the same page. Orton asked if he was sure about that guy, because he could smell a little backfire. Triple H asked him to forget about Kane and reminded him about the plan which was Randy Orton walking out of Battleground as the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Randy Orton was the plan. Orton said that if he was the plan, there was no need for the plan B. Triple H agreed.

Match 5 – Big E defeated Cesaro. Cesaro wanted to attack Big E with the steel chair during the match. Kofi Kingston took the chair away from his hands and Big E quickly pinned him with the Big Ending finishing maneuver.

Footage from two weeks ago was shown where Chris Jericho shocked the world with his shocking return after the return of the Miz. As Jericho nailed the Miz with his finishing maneuver Code Breaker he was about to say something. But just then the Wyatt Family appeared and attacked the former World champion. They beat down Jericho badly. Last week Jericho addressed Bray Wyatt after he defeated the Miz in a one on one match. Bray Wyatt came out near to the stage and was on the rocking chair. Jericho attempted to attack him but he saw Luke Harper and Eric Rowan standing behind him so he had to prevent himself from the fight. Later, a one on one match between Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho had been announced for the next pay per view event Battleground.

Chris Jericho came out and the fans thoroughly cheered for him. Jericho grabbed a mic and before saying something he enjoyed the crowd reaction a little bit. He welcomed everyone to ‘Raw is Jericho’. He said that it felt good to say these stuffs, it felt to be back in the WWE again, he pointed to the ring and said that it was home, it was home to him.

He said that he had been working here for fifteen years and he had seen a lot of things here. He had seen clown, he had seen naked mideon, he had seen three minutes warning and five second poses, he had seen Big Poppa Pump, Big Boss Man, Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Michael Hayes, Lord Tensai, he had seen all of them. The fans chanted ‘Y2J’ in appreciation. Maybe this was why he was worthy of the catchphrase; ‘I am the best at what I do’.

He continued as he said that he had seen the Undertaker got almost burned by his own pyro, he wrestled John Cena in his very first pay per view match, he had been knocked out by Mike Tyson, Mickey Rourke and Bob Barker, he would still took him on any place, any time, anywhere. He was a former nine times world champion, and most importantly he defeated The Rock and Stone Cold on the same night to become the WWE Undisputed champion for the first time eeeeever (just like he said).

He was a former six times world champion, like he said he had seen everything did everything in WWE, and at least not everything, because he had never seen anything like Bray Wyatt. He cut a promo on Bray Wyatt by addressing him as an unstoppable force. And for some reason, Wyatt had set hi sties on Chris Jericho. He did not why Wyatt was after him, but he knew one thing, at Battleground, Jericho and Wyatt would collide for the first time ever. Wyatt said that he had the whole world in his hands, Jericho had the whole WWE universe in his hand and that was the real unstoppable force.

Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen. He cut his uncanny promo just like always did. His promos were seriously getting boring which the fans realized as they chanted ‘boring’. He was now head to head with Chris Jericho, it was not easy cope up with him on the mic.

As the promo was over, Rowan and Harper attacked Jericho. Jericho escaped the ring to evade them. Bray Wyatt attacked him from behind and beat him down. He ended up with the Sister Abigail near the entrance stage floor.

Match 6 – WWE Divas champion AJ Lee defeated Eva Marie by submission in a non-title match. AJ Lee made Eva Marie submit by the Black Widow submission maneuver.

Backstage Kane met Triple h and Stephanie McMahon. Kane said that plan A had a serious problem, no matter what it took, it did not trust Randy Orton neither he liked him. Stephanie said that that was called business, sometimes, they had to work with people they did not like. They had a ton of people that worked for them whom they did not like. But that was what they had to do. Triple H said that it was business. And the best for business was the WWE World Heavyweight championship was coming back to the authority. Triple H wanted Kane to do whatever it took, he just wanted it to be done.

Match 7 – Bo Dallas defeated The Great Khali by count out.

Backstage Seth Rollins met the Authority. Seth Rollins said if Kane and Orton got the job done on that night, he point to his briefcase. Triple h said that he knew what the plan B was. As Rollins left, Paul Heyman joined the authority and said that he liked their plan B. But what if the plan B also failed? They should go for the plan C about which they could consult with him.

Renee Young welcomed Ric Flair. Flair started with taking the name of the local place to excite the fans. He was drunk, it was quite easily understood. He flirted with Renee Young. Renee laughed in his practical jokes and then asked for his predictions about the fatal four way match at Battleground. Ric Flair said that John Cena would be victorious at Battleground.

Roman Reigns came out for the main event of the night followed by the other competitors.

Main event – WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena and Roman Reigns defeated Kane, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins by disqualification. Kane and Orton assaulted on Reigns without hearing the referee and the ref had to call for the bells. Seth Rollins looked to be injured during the match as he left the match in between. After the end of the match, the fight went on. Reigns accidentally speared John Cena and Reigns was knocked out by Kane with the big boot. Randy Orton knocked out Kane too with the RKO. Orton was posing on turn buckle with his taunt, as he came down he was speared by Roman Reigns. Reigns stood still on the ring and the others were down as the show went off air.


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