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WWE Raw 15th December – Recap Part 2

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.. Chris Jericho came out to the arena for his match against Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman came out with a mic with a hand. Heyman made his way towards the ring as he said that he could not found anything funny about all these things, neither he founded it entertaining, he rather saw it disturbing because the beating that Jericho wanted to give him was anything but rating PG.

Heyman said that he gave Jericho his biggest career break at ECW and he did not understand why he wanted to fight him for two hundred dollars from twenty years ago. But if it was the principal of this all then he did not blame him. He offered to give him a cheque of two hundred dollars. Jericho threw the cheque book away and said that he did not want money from him and he wanted to go to the app to see what kind of they were going to have.

The voting results showed that they were going to have Street Fight as 43% of fans voted for it. Heyman said that if wanted things in that way then he would have no other choice but to bring out the WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

The WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar came out to the arena. He entered the ring and confronted Chris Jericho. Jericho attacked Lesnar, Jericho attempted to hit the Code Breaker but Lesnar dummied it and nailed him with the F5.
Rosa Mendes was seen inside the arena dancing with the music of Fandango. Fandango came out to the arena. Roman Reigns interfered took him out. He called out Big Show, as Big Show came out Reigns knocked him out with the Superman punch.

Match 5 – Jimmy Uso defeated One Half of the WWE Tag Team champions The Miz. This match was very entertaining match specially because of Mizdow.
Backstage Naomi looked to be walking in joy. Miz and Mizdow confronted her. Miz said that her husband wanted to take his Hollywood career away from her, but with the issues with Jimmy aside he wanted her to know that he was a man of his words because he was still champion and he was trying as hard as possible to give her a music career.

He might wanted to be Divas champion more than anything and he would like to give her the opportunity to tell the world about it because next night on the Main Event he would be inviting her as his guest on Miz TV. This would be a wild opportunity for her to reach millions of fans through his wild and popular talk show, he said that he did not think anybody would have done such a thing for her ever before.

But Miz was going to do that for her because he believed that she deserved a chance to compete for the Divas championship. He knew that a lot of problems were going right now, but he hoped that they both could agree that husband might not have any problem with that. He said that this was a huge opportunity for her so might not consider telling her husband about it. But it was her call.

Backstage Renee Young interviewed Seth Rollins. Rollins said that things were really getting ridiculous. He just had a tables match with John Cena twenty four ago, and now he was supposed to fight Cena again in a Steel Cage match. The same John Cena who cost him two of the biggest matches of his career in the last two months, it was all because it was a mad house, no one was safe here. As an example she could take what happened to Chris Jericho out there. Jericho ran his mouth and he kind of deserved it but that was not the point. The point was this place was missing something, they needed the guidance and the control of the authority.

They needed the authority back in power. He was in no condition to perform. Anyone else would have been lying in a hospital bed but he was no normal human being. On that night he was going to teach John Cena a lesion that he would not forget soon.

Main Event – Steel Cage Match – Seth Rollins defeated John Cena in a Steel Cage Match. It was an excellent match, this match could make Seth Rollins’ career lied on the golden path. Both performers performed really well, Cena looked to be on the closest man to the victory when he nailed Rollins with the AA from on top of the turn buckle. Both men were down and then the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar entered into the arena. He entered inside the cage, for a certain time it seemed that he might be going for both men, but he attacked John Cena whom he was scheduled to face at Royal Rumble pay per view event.

First he hit three German Suplexes on Cena followed by a crushing F5. Paul Heyman who accompanied Brock Lesnar entered the ring and offered a handshake with Seth Rollins. Seth shook his hands and seemed like they formed allies. Brock Lesnar asked Seth Rollins pick up the victory over John Cena in that match and left the arena. Seth Rollins first knocked Cena out with the Curb Stomp then he decided to exit the cage which allowed him to be victor of the match. Cena was remained inside the ring out as Seth Rollins celebrated outside with the J & J security as the show went off air.


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