Paul Heyman was seen standing inside the ring when Heyman started in his usual style and he said that he was here to give the fans a preview of what would happen this Sunday at WWE Night of Champions. He said that the former champion John Cena would come to the ring first and he mocked Cena’s entrance, he said that all the children would cheer ‘Let’s go Cena’. And then his client the conqueror, the beast incarnate, the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight champion of the world Brock Lesnar would come out. The fans booed him and Heyman said that they could boo him as much as they wanted because this Sunday at Night of Champions Brock Lesnar would give them a lot more, certainly more than what he did at Summerslam.

John Cena’s music hit as the former fifteen times World champion John Cena interfered Paul Heyman. Michael Cole reminded that in six days, John Cena would challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Night of Champions pay per event. Paul Heyman gave a nervous look. Cena grabbed a mic, he looked here and there and said that he could not see the Beast, where was the beast incarnate, where was the one, where was the 21 – 1, where was Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman tried to give some explanations, but Cena prevented him and said that he told him last week that he wanted him to fight this week. If he could not fight him, he would fight Paul Heyman. Heyman said if that was what he wanted he was going to get it. On September 15, 2014, Dr. of Thuganomics John Cena would face the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. He pointed to the entrance stage and said ‘here comes the pain’. John Cena got prepared for the fight.

Heyman laughed and said Cena was really good. Then he told that Brock Lesnar was flying on his private plane because he did not like anyone, especially John Cena. He said that Brock Lesnar would definitely be there in the show and he would face John Cena. Heyman said that he knew Cena would not want to fight Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions, because he might let his opportunity go six day before Night of Champions.

Heyman attempted to leave the ring, Cena grabbed his neck and pulled him back. Cena said that he thought Heyman was a full of crap. He reminded him that seven days ago he gave him a week to present Brock Lesnar because he wanted to fight him. He threatened him that if Brock did not show up in eighty minutes, he would fight Paul Heyman.

Heyman left the ring and attempted to leave the arena. Cena came forward him again, he said that he did not trust him. The arena wanted a fight on that night. So he wanted to make sure that they get what they wanted. Cena grabbed Heyman’s neck and pulled him out of the arena.



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