The show started as Paul Heyman was seen standing inside the ring. Heyman started in his usual style and he said that he was here to give the fans a preview of what would happen this Sunday at WWE Night of Champions. He said that the former champion John Cena would come to the ring first and he mocked Cena’s entrance, he said that all the children would cheer ‘Let’s go Cena’. And then his client the conqueror, the beast incarnate, the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight champion of the world Brock Lesnar would come out. The fans booed him and Heyman said that they could boo him as much as they wanted because this Sunday at Night of Champions Brock Lesnar would give them a lot more, certainly more than what he did at Summerslam.

John Cena’s music hit as the former fifteen times World champion John Cena interfered Paul Heyman. Michael Cole reminded that in six days, John Cena would challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Night of Champions pay per event. Paul Heyman gave a nervous look. Cena grabbed a mic, he looked here and there and said that he could not see the Beast, where was the beast incarnate, where was the one, where was the 21 – 1, where was Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman tried to give some explanations, but Cena prevented him and said that he told him last week that he wanted him to fight this week. If he could not fight him, he would fight Paul Heyman. Heyman said if that was what he wanted he was going to get it. On September 15, 2014, Dr. of Thuganomics John Cena would face the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar, He pointed to the entrance stage and said ‘here comes the pain’. John Cena got prepared for the fight.

Heyman laughed and said Cena was really god. Then he told that Brock Lesnar was flying on his private plane because he did not like anyone, especially John Cena. He said that Brock Lesnar would definitely be there in the show and he would face John Cena. Heyman said that he knew Cena would not want to fight Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions, because he might let his opportunity go six day before Night of Champions.

Heyman attempted to leave the ring, Cena grabbed his neck and pulled him back. Cena said that he thought Heyman was a full of crap. He reminded him that seven days ago he gave him a week to present Brock Lesnar because he wanted to fight him. He threatened him that if Brock did not show up in eighty minutes, he would fight Paul Heyman.

Heyman left the ring and attempted to leave the arena. Cena came forward him again, he said that he did not trust him. The arena wanted to fight on that night. So he wanted to make sure that they get what they wanted. Cena grabbed Heyman’s neck and pulled him out of the arena.

Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where Randy Orton and Roman Reigns were having a one on one match. Kane and Seth Rollins interfered during the match to help out Randy Orton. Reigns tried to fight all three of them together but he could not. Orton brought the cage that was hanging above their head so Reigns did not get any chance of escape. Reigns took Kane and Rollins out of the ring for a while and he beat down Randy Orton in that time. Rollins and Kane came in shortly and they took Reigns down. The assault ended up with a Curb Stomp from Seth Rollins on a Steel Chair.

Footage from backstage was shown where John Cena took Paul Heyman into his personal locker room and locked him inside. He threatened him that if Brock Lesnar did not show up, he would get him. Khali was passing by and Cena asked Khali to come closer to him. He wanted him to make sure that Heyman did not come out (Cena spoke Hindi to Khali and said, ‘ye bahar nahi nikal sakta, samajh gaya?’). Khali guaranteed that he would not let Heyman out.

Match 1 – Chris Jericho defeated Kane. It was a very good match to start things off, really good performance from both superstars. Jericho forced Kane to crash his head with the turn buckle that was exposed by Kane during the match and pinned him with the School Boy pin.

Paul Heyman was seen inside the personal room of John Cena talking to Brock Lesnar through phone. It seemed that he could not settle into a decision with Lesnar.

Backstage Renee Young interviewed Roman Reigns, she showed Reigns the footage of three months ago where Seth Rollins backstabbed his partners Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Randy Orton and Seth Rollins beat down Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in that night. After the footage, Reigns said that Reigns finally got his opportunity to face Seth Rollins one on one. She asked what his plan was for this match. Reigns said that his plan was simple, he was going to hurt Rollins badly.

Match 2 – Jack Swagger defeated Bo Dallas by submission. It was a good match, we expected this match to take place at Night of Champions but never mind. Jack Swagger made Bo Dallas submit by his submission maneuver Patriot Lock.

Match 3 – Nikki Bella and the WWE Divas champion Paige defeated Brie Bella and AJ Lee. Paige pinned brie Bella with her Rampage finishing maneuver to win the match. After the match, Nikki hit Human Torture Rack Back Breaker on Brie Bella. As Nikki Bella left the ring, Paige skipped around the ring with the Divas championship in her hand. AJ Lee mocked her and did the same at outside of the ring.

Footage from last week’s Friday Night Smackdown was shown where Big Show, Mark Henry and the WWE Tag Team champion The Usos faced Goldust, Stardust and the Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Eric Rowan) and Bray Wyatt tried to get involved in that match, Big Show blocked the path of Bray Wyatt.

Backstage The Great Khali was seen blocking the doorway of John Cena’s personal locker room where Paul Heyman was locked inside. Heyman somehow came out of the room. Heyman tried to manipulate Khali to get out of the room. Khali grabbed Heyman’s neck, he took his cell phone away from his hand and broke it. Then he pushed him inside the room and locked the door.

Match 4 – The Big Show defeated Bray Wyatt by disqualification. The match going quite well, when Big Show attempted a pin on Bray Wyatt after an elbow drop, Luke Harper interfered in the match and the referee called for the bell. Luke Harper and Eric Rowan attacked the Big Show. Bog Show fought back and nailed both of them with double choke slam. Bray Wyatt was on his rocking chair who taunted Big Show.

Match 5 – WWE United States Champion Sheamus and The WWE Tag Team champions The Usos defeated Cesaro, Goldust and Stardust. Very good match. Jimmy Uso pinned Cesaro to earn the victory for his team.

An excellent announcement has been made. Christian would be back at Nigh of Champions. He would be back with his Peep show after quite a long time where Chris Jericho would be his special guest.

Backstage Renee Young interviewed Randy Orton. She showed the footage from last week of Monday Night Raw where Chris Jericho was receiving treatment after his steel cage match against Bray Wyatt when suddenly Randy Orton attacked him in the doctor’s chamber. Orton beat down Jericho and also hit the injured knee of Jericho. After the end of the footage, Renee Young asked Randy Orton why he attacked Chris Jericho last week on Monday night Raw. Orton said that according to Jericho he was a bigger star than Orton, which was not true. Jericho could not even achieve half of what Orton achieved. And this Sunday at Night of Champions, Jericho was going to receive the beating of his life.

Backstage Khali was seen standing in front of John Cena’s locker room. Cena came out and thanked Khali. He knocked at the door and called Paul Heyman y saying it was show time. He opened the door and dragged Heyman out of the room. Heyman tried to explain himself but Cena did not let him go.

Cena dragged Heyman into the arena and forced him inside the ring. Heyman kept begging and pleading. Heyman was on his knees, Cena was grabbing him by his tie. Cena mocked Heyman by giving self introduction in Heyman’s style. He said that it was the moment that every one was waiting for. They were now going to see that the great Paul Heyman, the one after 21 – 1 would magically make a beast appear or John Cena magically use his fist to make Heyman’s teeth disappear.

Cena said that every one was waiting, he wanted Paul Heyman to bring out the beast. Cena placed the mic in front of Heyman’s mouth. Heyman asked if all those things about Hustle, Loyalty and Respect were shame. Last week when Heyman wanted him to turn his back on the Cenation, he denied. But tonight, he was proving out to be someone totally different than people were used to be. He said to beat the beast, he had to become the beast. And somewhere inside of him there was a deep hatred, and Heyman was the one who helped him to brought that hatred out.

Heyman continued that Cena could not hit him because that would make him a bully. Just because his client Brock Lesnar’s plane was delayed he could not hit a forty nine year old father of two. Brock Lesnar was a bully and Cena could not become Brock Lesnar, which was why, Cena could not beat Brock Lesnar. He thought that his hatred for Heyman would bring out the beast inside of him. He said that he would give him a chance, he would let him become the WWE Heavyweight champion of the World this Sunday at Night of Champions, this would be the principal of an all new John Cena, something that he was trying to tell him from last week.

 Heyman put his face forward and he wanted Cena to hit him. Heyman kept shouting ‘Hit me, Hit me John Cena’. His mother and father reigned him well, but this principal of him which was Hustle, Loyalty and respect would stop him from becoming the champion. He could not beat a bully, he could not even hit Heyman in spite of knowing the face that Heyman deserved it. John Cena would fail to beat Brock Lesnar this Sunday, he would never become the WWE World Heavyweight champion again. He could not beat Brock Lesnar…..

…..concluded in the next part

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